AM/PM (or "12 Hour Clock"): the day is split into:the 12 Hours running from Midnight khổng lồ Noon (the AM hours), andthe other 12 Hours running from Noon khổng lồ Midnight (the PM hours).

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Like this (try the slider):


*Is that spelled "Meridiem" or "Meridian"? See here.

Converting AM/PM lớn 24 Hour Clock

Add 12 lớn any hour after Noon (và subtract 12 for the first hour of the day):

For the first hour of the day (12 Midnight to 12:59 AM), subtract 12 Hours

Converting 24 Hour Clochồng to lớn AM/PM

For the first hour of the day (00:00 to lớn 00:59), add 12 Hours, make it "AM"

AM / PM 00:0012 Midnight00:1012:10 AM 01:001:00 AM01:101:10 AM 02:002:00 AM02:102:10 AM 03:003:00 AM03:103:10 AM 04:004:00 AM04:104:10 AM 05:005:00 AM05:105:10 AM 06:006:00 AM06:106:10 AM 07:007:00 AM07:107:10 AM 08:008:00 AM08:108:10 AM 09:009:00 AM09:109:10 AM 10:0010:00 AM10:1010:10 AM 11:0011:00 AM11:1011:10 AM 12:0012 Noon12:1012:10 PM 13:001:00 PM13:101:10 PM 14:002:00 PM14:102:10 PM 15:003:00 PM15:103:10 PM 16:004:00 PM16:104:10 PM 17:005:00 PM17:105:10 PM 18:006:00 PM18:106:10 PM 19:007:00 PM19:107:10 PM 20:008:00 PM20:108:10 PM 21:009:00 PM21:109:10 PM 22:0010:00 PM22:1010:10 PM 23:0011:00 PM23:1011:10 PM

Midnight and Noon

"12 AM" & "12 PM" can cause confusion, so we prefer "12 Midnight" and "12 Noon".

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What Day is Midnight?

Midnight has another problem: there is nothing khổng lồ tell us "is this the beginning or ending of the day".


Imagine your friends say they are leaving for holiday at "midnight" on 12th March, what day should you arrive to say goodbye?

Do you get there on the 11th (assuming they leave sầu at the very start of the 12th), or the 12th (assuming they leave sầu at the over of the 12th)?

It is better lớn use:

11:59 PM or 12:01 AM, or23:59 or 00:01 (24-Hour Clock)

which the railroads, airlines & military actually vì chưng.

So, when you see something lượt thích "offer ends midnight October 15th" tell them to lớn use one minute before or after so there is no confusion!

Footnote on "Meridiem" vs "Meridian"

Should "AM" be "ante meridiem" or "ante meridian" (likewise for PM)?

The official (according to lớn an American, Australian and British dictionary I checked), & most common spelling for AM is "ante meridiem" which is a Latin phrase. I recommover that spelling!

But people sometimes use the phrase "ante meridian" (a "meridian" in this case refers to lớn an imaginary line in the sky when the sun is at its highest point).

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