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lớn aim a gun or shoot at someone to try lớn stop them from shooting or escaping, or lớn protect someone else:
When soldiers or police officers cover a place such as a road or building, they are in a position from which they can watch & defkết thúc it:
to lớn prsự kiện a member of the opposing team from taking control of the ball by staying cthua trận to lớn them all the time
khổng lồ protect someone or something from financial loss, damage, accident, or having something stolen; to lớn insure:
something that is placed over something, often for protection, or that lies over something else to lớn form a layer:
The cover of a book or magazine is the stiff, outside part of it, usually made of thichồng paper or cardboard.
The seminars cover such topics as making an impact at interview, employability, và what companies are looking for.
cover (sb) against/for sth In general, buildings insurance covers (you) against damage lớn the house itself & outbuildings such as conservatories and greenhouses.
cover yourself (against something) Always inform a senior colleague of your intentions, in order lớn cover yourself against accusations of bullying.

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if a financial organization can cover a loan, it is protected against loss by having enough collateral (= property that a person borrowing money agrees to give to lớn the organization if they fail to pay the debt):
The approval for a trang chủ equity loan is usually easy as the lender has collateral lớn cover the loan amount.
to lớn buy shares, currency, etc. that you have sầu arranged khổng lồ sell in the future, especially if the price is rising & you had expected it to lớn go down:
Tokyo stocks advanced 1.1% Thursday as futures rose & investors scrambled khổng lồ cover short positions.
cover (for sb) We are expected khổng lồ cover for each other if someone is absent or is late arriving in the morning.
buy/get/take out cover (for/against sth) Homeworkers can get insurance cover for copiers & faxes but premium costs vary widely.

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provide cover (for/against sth) The policy provides cover for loss or damage lớn property owned by the insured.


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