Backstop là gì

(in rounders) a player who stands directly behind the player from the opposing team who is trying to lớn hit the ball, & attempts to lớn catch the ball after it has been thrown if the person does not hit it

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(in baseball) a high fence behind the player hitting the ball, that prevents balls from leaving the playing area if they are not hit or caught
The backstop plan would avoid the need for border checks in Northern Irel& if no other khuyễn mãi giảm giá can be reached.
In their framework, a social planner maximizes consumer plus from production of water through recharge & desalination, the latter being a backstop resource.
Chapter 8 considers the problem of investment in a backstop giải pháp công nghệ that can substitute for natural resource use, an example of such a technology being alternative energy.
In some circumstances, it might not be possible immediately, but it would still remain a parliamentary backstop.
Clause 4 remains an important backstop power when emergency action needs lớn be taken and no other method of control is appropriate.
The general practitioner is the first & often the last post for the patient and provides a backstop for the axinh đẹp services.
The ability to lớn go lớn law in a dispute is a backstop which offers additional protection to the current situation.
However, there is the backstop that if a person feels that the actuarial reasons are not justified, he may have sầu that tested before a tribunal.

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to feel awkward because you are in a situation that you have sầu not experienced before or because you are very different from the people around you

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