Bald là gì

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The "reformist platform" carried the day, but this was like grafting hair on to a head which remained just as bald underneath.
Bald"s first efforts involved increasing housing accommodation, removing ash pits & sweeping of streets at the trustees expense.
Because bald imperatives are very unmarked in this work setting, other directives are marked & evoke negative sầu or perverse reactions from workers.
The more interesting question concerns the theorist who thinks that over some middle range, it is neither tr ue nor false that someone is bald.
Figurines without headgear usually appear to be bald, although incisions on the rear of several heads may represent hair; painted elements also may once have sầu been present.
Now you are blind, your eyes plucked out, now with your locks shorn you are bald yet if they grow again, you are redeemed!
The most frequent example of this type of adjective sầu is calvo "bald", in contexts where it is paired with estar lớn avoid the implication that it is an inherent characteristic.
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khổng lồ accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order to reach an agreement with someone

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