Blade & Soul Revolution

Hi, I've sầu recently started playing bns. I'm HM9 atm, và i feel lượt thích i've gotten lớn the point where i need lớn grind items. Problem being that i dont know what lớn go for. What yên talking about is; Ring Earring Braclet Necklace Belt Glowes Pet Soul Heart And most importantly the Soulshield!

I as a player focus mostly on the PVE aspect of the game, so lặng guessing it has an impact on which items i should choose.

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You Z skill gives miễn phí crit & mutipliers, so both element revolve around lowering its cooldown. Because of this, you want elemental damage to complement the crit, wich Z also amplifies.

Ring: Blaông chồng Dawn Ring - Desolate Tomb

Earring: Xanos Earring - Naryu Sanctum

These are somewhat easy khổng lồ get, cheap, & will be your main source of elemental damage until BT gear.

Next tier are legendary accesories. These drop in the corresponding dungeon, or can be traded for 200 Draken cores each once you complete 10 runs of that same dungeon. Draken cores also drop in those, so you're farming cores aswell RNG.

Necklace: Oath necklace - Desolate Tomb

Your less important legendary accesory. Get it & forget it. Has good stats, but most importantly the set bonus with

Belt: Eternity Belt - Naryu Foundry

Your source of defensive stats, alongside Pet. You can tăng cấp it khổng lồ stage 3 or 4, not as important tho.

Bracelet: Divine Dragon Bracelet - Naryu Sanctum

This is the most important accesory. Get it and cấp độ it lớn stage 10 as soon as possible. It has a strong X skill modifier wich doubles on stage 10.

Bracelet > Belt > Necklace in order of importance và nâng cấp priority.

So mainly you'll want to lớn grind Naryu Sanctum, Desolate Tomb và Naryu Foundry for your accesories.

For Pet and Soul you can rely on events, since upgrading them can be so expensive sầu. Current sự kiện gives không tính phí soul.

Pet: Get your Pet Aura khổng lồ stage 6, but only if you can spare the cost. It gets better stats và a special proc.

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Soul: Same as pet, stage 6 gives special proc. You'll want Awakened ascending soul (shor CD one), but it may take a while.

Badges depend on your element of choice:


Courage soul badge - Lowers C CD. Best in slot.

Sagewood soul badge: Lowers Z CD

Primal force soul badge: Lowers Z CD

Get Courage or Sagewood, mainly for fusing them later on. Primal force is good in the meantime.


Holy Fire soul badge: Lowers Z CD.

Wind used khổng lồ rely on Eternity badge, but since recent Z changes, it's no longer necessary. Holy Fire is the best right one, with Glory coming second.

For Mystic Badges, you want to lớn complete Know Thy Enemy Part 1 quest, since it gives lots of celestials peaches (you need 16000 for Mystic Badge. Best ones at the moment are Pulse Mystic for lightning và Skyrift for Wind.

For Soulshields, wear the MSPhường 8 piece given at the end of main storyline. It's pretty decent for lightning, not so much for wind. Get BT 3 piece as soon as you can, making 5MSP/3BT.

These are your milestones preparing for BT. In there, get Ring và Earring, and màn chơi Earring as soon as you can. Also, complete your BT Soulshield. BT8 is great for lightning.

Weapon path is kindomain authority awkward for lightning, since Seraph boosts flicker, but Baleful gives resets. Anyway, get lớn stage 10 weapon then go for Raven 1. This is a big boost in damage.