Kung fu master

For Blade Masters & Kung Fu Masters who are Level 55 and higher và have completed the “Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan” Awakening quest, the third class specialization will be open lớn you on June 19. Embrace the Way of the Spectral Blade or Way of the Iron Claw!

Blade Master

The Blade Master’s third specialization is the Way of the Spectral Blade. This specialization focuses on utilizing the Blade Master’s already-magical blades in new, ghostly ways. With this specialization you’ll điện thoại tư vấn upon the soul of a Legendary Blade Master lớn enhance your abilities, and, if you select the right talents, you can even sumtháng her to lớn fight alongside you for a brief time.

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The soul of a legendary Blade Master fights alongside you.

The Blade Mentor’s soul assists you in unleashing devastating sword attacks.

While in the Floông chồng of Blades stance, the “Spectral” set of skills can automatically defkết thúc you or fight for you.

While the Blade Mentor will gladly help you, if you rely on her too much she will run out of “Patience” & you will temporarily be locked out of the Flock of Blades stance.

This specialization heavily relies on the Floông chồng of Blades stance, which is where the Blade Mentor is most helpful và provides stronger abilities. Once you switch into lớn this stance you’ll notice there is a new UI on screen, featuring the face of the Blade Mentor. As you use your spectral abilities, a gauge will fill up around her face (indicating her cấp độ of frustration due to lớn needing to lớn assist you), and decreases as you use your RMB ability “Slice.” If the gauge completely fills up, she will become frustrated with you & her face will turn red. During this time she is "Vexed" & will no longer assist you, thus removing your ability khổng lồ be in the Floông chồng of Blades stance & unable to utilize the added benefits it provides. You’ll need lớn wait for her to lớn cool off before you can switch back inkhổng lồ the Floông chồng of Blades stance.

Three special talents available will change your Tab ability. While you’re in the Floông xã of Blades stance, you’ll be able to lớn access another ability which is determined by your talent selection. Star-Crossed & Lucky Stars will both allow you to lớn enter Starstrike, which empowers your abilities for 8 seconds. If you select the Blade Mentor talent instead, your ghostly mentor will jump lớn your aid for a brief moment.




Enables Starstrike

Applies the following effects during Starstrike:

Falling Stars is availableAdds 1 to the hit count of the Spectral Blades triggered during Falling Stars

Enables Starstrike

Applies the following effects during Starstrike:

Falling Stars is availableImmortal for 8 sec. và +25% HPhường recovery on useNo additional strikes from the Spectral Blades on use

Enables the Blade Mentor skill

Applies the following effects khổng lồ Blade Mentor:

Stuns enemies within range for 2 seconds when the Mentor appears+3,000% Damage và Stuns for 2 seconds on a successful last hit
Kung Fu Master

Iron Claw is the Kung Fu Master’s third specialization. Like the Blade Master, there are new và powerful abilities at your fingertips as your Kung Fu Master becomes more in tune with nature. With these new abilities, the Kung Fu Master can utilize powerful buffs và sumtháng a powerful gauntlet lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá high amounts of damage for a small amount of time. Kung Fu Masters will also be able lớn transsize into one of three different wolves each with their own unique abilities.


Able lớn use Iron Claw & Twin Palm skills

Able to lớn transkhung inkhổng lồ either a Dire Wolf, Blood Wolf, or Timber Wolf

Immune to Knoông chồng Back, Grab, Grtáo Apple, Phantom Grip while in Wolf Form

Enhance các buổi tiệc nhỏ members within range with Dire Wolf, Blood Wolf, or Timber Wolf effect while in Wolf Form

Resets cooldowns for Flurry & Searing Stomp on Resist

Chakra và Tirã Ire

The core of the Iron-Claw specialization is building up Titung Ire và unlocking Chakras, which you can see with a new UI on screen. While using abilities, you will build up your Titan Ire, & once it’s full you can switch into lớn the Tirã Stance (certain talents provide other ways to lớn switch lớn the Tirã Stance). Switching inkhổng lồ the Titung Stance changes your weapon inkhổng lồ a powerful gauntlet, & grants you 4 new abilities for your Z, X, C, và V skill slots. These skills provide a high amount of damage. Depending on how you full bộ your Z, X, & C abilities, a unique V ability will become available. Using this special V ability will grant you one stachồng of the appropriate Chakra.

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There are three different Chakras that you’re able lớn unlock, which stack up khổng lồ two times each. These Chakras provide different stats. As mentioned above, you’re able lớn gain stacks of the Chakra by doing the appropriate combos. Using your Fighting Spirit ability will also provide 1 additional stachồng for each Chakra.

Don’t worry, if figuring out the appropriate combos seems difficult, you will find a full bộ menu available in your (K) Skills Menu.




nguồn Chakra, Critical Chakra, and Mystic Chakra trigger additional effects while in Wolf Form

Increase quái nhân Attack Power, PvP.. Attaông chồng Power, Mystic, and Critial Hit DamageDamage Reduction while in useStacks Titan Ire 100 times when Wolf Form ends

Triggers Titan’s Wrath every 2 seconds when attacking an opponent while in Titung Stance

Switches khổng lồ Tirã Stance when using Fighting SpiritTitan’s Wrath inflicts Additional Damage to the targetInflicts Searing Palm effect on an opponent during Titan’s WrathGenerates 20 Titung Ire stacks on a successful Counter

Increases range of Iron Paw & Wild Paw when using Claw

Triggers Stealth when Pack Frenzy hitsSwitches lớn Tirã Stance when Wolf Form ends


In your talents window you can see you’re able lớn choose between three different wolves: Dire, Blood, và Timber. Each wolf offers chất lượng perks, including passive effects for your buổi tiệc ngọt. Be sure to look at each one to see what works best for your playstyle.

Depending on your Talents selection, they will enhance the Wolf transformation in different ways. Once you have sầu successfully transformed inkhổng lồ one of the wolves, you have new abilities lớn use. The wolf size also provides a hefty amount of defensive sầu stats as well. Wolf size only lasts for 15 seconds, và đơn hàng a high amount of damage so be sure to lớn utilize it to its fullest potential!




Allows you lớn transsize inlớn a Dire Wolf

Duration: 15 seconds

Increase Movement Speed

Grants Dire Wolf effect to all tiệc nhỏ members within range

Dire Wolf effect:

Recovers HP for all các buổi tiệc nhỏ members within range

Allows you to transform into lớn a Blood Wolf

Duration: 15 seconds

Increase Movement Speed

Grants Blood Wolf effect to all các buổi tiệc nhỏ members within range

Blood Wolf effect:

Increase PvP Attack Power nguồn and PvP.. Defense for all các buổi tiệc nhỏ members within range

When targeting an opponent, Chase và Prowl move behind the target

Chase and Prowl move forward when there is no target

Allows you to transsize into a Timber Wolf

Duration: 15 seconds

Increase Movement Speed significantly

Grants Timber Wolf effect khổng lồ all tiệc ngọt members within range

Timber Wolf effect

Increases Movement Speed for all buổi tiệc nhỏ members

Chase and Prowl move forward with or without a target

Primal Guard (blocking skill) changes to Primal Ruse (parrying skill)

Accessories và Badges

For Blade Masters & Kung Fu Masters, Legendary Stage 10 or Awakened (any level) Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings can be evolved lớn the third specialization through Manage Equipment with a Spectral Blade Emblem or Iron Claw Emblem. These can be purchased from the Dragon Express for 5 Naryu Tablets. You can swap between specialization accessories with the specific specialization emblem from the Dragon Express.

To change specializations for the the Stage 10/Awakened Starbreaker Bracelet & Stage 10/Awakened Divinity Bracelet, you will need (1) Unrefined Battalion/Divinity/Starbreaker Bracelet that you can purchase from General Merchant Songhyun in Ajanara Monastery for (5) Tranunique Emblems.

For Legendary Badges, you can exchange your Mystic Badge or Soul Badge of any stage, Awakened or not, with Dragon Trade Union Junsorei at Dasari Palace Gardens or Mushin’s Tower.

If you have a War Song or Wildborne Soul Badge, you can change to lớn the Exemplar Soul Badge available at the Dragon Express for 10 gold và 1 Naryu Silver.

For Blade Masters & Kung Fu Masters, if you have sầu the Thornbreaker or Groundbreaker Mystic Badge, you can exchange it for the Escalation Mystic Badge, but be aware you will not be able lớn re-exchange it for the other specializations’ badges.

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These new specializations are robust và complex, và we’ve just begun khổng lồ scratch the surface of the changes they bring. Be sure khổng lồ check them out in-game lớn learn these new specializations khổng lồ their full potential when Blade và Soul: Empyrean Shadows arrives on June 19.

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