Blade and soul việt nam

The Red Automaton Unit, a mysterious group of automaton meddlers, have overtaken the Tomb of the Exiled. They have captured several Talus Engineers and forced them to use their expertise of the Naryu khổng lồ revive the Infernal Lord.

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Lo Dan:

HP: 1,260,000 (Normal) / 1,980,000 (Hard)

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

At the bottom of the pit is a miniboss, Destroyer Lo Dan, surrounded by numerous Gunner, Force Master, Shieldbearer, & Automaton adds that are attracted once he is attacked. After tagging hlặng, run behind the statue on the right to lớn hide & draw all the adds in the corner to burst them down. If there is an Assassin, they can damage hyên in stealth for about half a minute until all the adds thua interest, after which they can safely pull only Lo Dan himself khổng lồ the rest of the party.

Once Lo Dan is dead, a Dragon Pulse will spawn. Take it and kill the two Blade Master Workhouse Sentries guarding the boss chamber.

Jang Ghibu:


HP: 5,227,200

Enrage: 5:00

CC: 2x


HP: 1,735,800

This Force Master boss is accompanied by his two Destroyer wives, Mengwol & Muwol, from the second boss of Tomb of the Exiles. If either of them dies, Jang Ghibu releases a 3-hit rapid AoE that does massive but iframable damage.

Mengwol Rotation:

Targeted axe cộ thrust.Unblockable rectangle kick inducing Knockdown. Not CC’able.Targeted axe cộ swing.Unblockable arc axe cộ swing with a bit of windup, inducing Knockdown. Not CC’able.Flaming 5-hit spins, this is actually a blockable attack despite having no indicator.

If her aggro holder stands too far 9 meters or further away, she will throw her axe cộ to pull you baông chồng. If the axe throw fails, she will jump on you for an area of effect Knockdown.

Any of her knockdowns may cause her to lớn launch you and hit you with an aerial Piledriver, which does sizable damage.

As majority of Mengwol’s attacks are unblockable, it is advised lớn have a ranged class to lớn kite her around.

Muwol Rotation:

A linear rectangular axe pháo chop that draw flame a distance in front of her.Another linear rectangular axe cộ chop.Yet another linear rectangular axe chop.5-hit spins. The first 0.5 sec of this spin has a deflect effect, and if hit inlớn she’ll bởi vì a yellow axe sweep for Knockdown inlớn a launch for an aerial Piledriver. Not CC’able.

If her aggro holder stands 9 meters or further away, she will persize a shoulder charge inflicting Daze.

Jang Ghibu Rotation:


Fast cast fire projectile, inflicts EmberSlow cast fire projectile, inflicts EmberInstant linear rectangular fire Dragonblaze, inflicts Daze và EmberFast casting unblockable area of effect Fire Storm, inflicts Aerial if Dazed, inflicts Ember. Can be CC’d.Instant bouncing fire projectile, giao dịch no damage but stacks 2 EmbersInstant rectangle Impact, detonates Embers for very high damage

If the tank stands 9 meters or further away, Jang Ghibu uses Flame Fury to lớn throw a volley of fire projectiles, then slides behind his aggro holder.

Periodically, Jang Ghibu casts Heatwave sầu in between rotations, dropping a fire flower, then shortly detonate it for a unblockable area of effect Knockdown.


Instant frost projectile, inflicts Chill for movement speed reduction & approach skill disables, transitions inkhổng lồ Freeze on 3 stacks of chill inflicting root & Ice Coil explosion if the root is not escaped fromSlow cast frost projectile, inflicts ChillInstant linear rectangle frost beam, inflicts Freeze, can be CC’d.Instant frost projectile, inflicts Stun và Freeze, can be CC’d.

If the tank stands 9 meters or further away, Jang Ghibu uses Frost Fury khổng lồ throw a volley of frost projectiles, then slides behind his aggro holder.

Periodically, Jang Ghibu vocally says “You will be mesmerized…” or “You cannot resist me!”, puts the furthest person from him in Frost Prison, slides behind them, & slowly casts Ice Coil for massive damage on the person in Frost Prison. Frost Prison can be escaped from Second Wind, and the Ice Coil casting can be CC’d.


Slow cast fire projectile, inflicts EmberInstant bouncing fire projectile, đơn hàng no damage but stacks 2 EmbersSets a ring of fire, an unblockable targeted aoe with a wide area that will detonate the next attackSlow cast wide linear unblockable rectangular flame Dragonchar, can be CC’d.Instant Impact, detonates EmbersSlow cast frost projectileSlow cast wide linear rectangular frost, inflicts Freeze, can be CC’d.Ice Coil, regardless of Freeze status

If the tank stands 9 meters or further away, Jang Ghibu uses Flame/Forst Fury to lớn throw a volley of flame/frost projectiles, then slides behind his aggro holder

Periodically, Jang Ghibu casts Frost Prison at the furthest person, slides behind them, and casts a linear rectangular Dual Dragons for massive sầu damage on the person in Frost Prison. Dual Dragons comes out much faster than Ice Coil in the previous phase.

Love Barrier:

At the start of the fight, a message warns “Mengwol and Muwol skết thúc their love sầu lớn Jang Ghibu” và Jang Ghibu’s wives will give sầu hyên ổn two buffs: “Mengwol’s Romance” and “Muwol’s Passion”, a love sầu barrier giving hlặng 45% damage reduction times two, for 90% reduction. When either of his wives reach 70% health, Jang Ghibu will transfer his shield khổng lồ them allowing him to be properly damaged; when transferring the second shield all his debuffs are cleansed. An unblockable small area of effect five-second Time Bomb is generated on the wives once the shield is successfully transferred.

If the wives die, the shield is permanently lost.

Needs Love sầu (70%/30%):

A message warns “Jang Ghibu needs love.” Jang Ghibu will jump into lớn the middle and Điện thoại tư vấn his wives khổng lồ him; they will stop whatever they are doing and jump to his sides, và once they lvà Jang Ghibu casts a field-wide Frost Prison, iframe it or remove it with Second Wind.

Jang Ghibu gathers energy and unleashes a field-wide unblockable area of effect love pulse that inflicts three consecutive sầu hits while the wives lớn his side perform a dance. Use your iframes when the swirl effect starts to appear around his toàn thân. After the first area of effect, the wives will heal baông chồng lớn full health & return the shield lớn hyên ổn.

Jang Ghibu resumes attacking with a new rotation. Meanwhile, the wives will spin around the room inflicting Aerial & bounce along the room’s edges bachồng lớn their starting location, before resuming their own attacks. Following this, the wives must then be re-damaged baông xã khổng lồ 70% khổng lồ transfer the shield from the boss khổng lồ them.

Coordinate with the các buổi party on which of the Blade Master/Blade Dancer, Force Master/Destroyer, & Assassin/Summoner should use their party iframe on what segment of the attachồng.


HP: 1,118,000Enrage: NoneCC: 2x

Lots of Gunner, Spearman, & Shieldbearer mobs in the way. If there is an Assassin, let them use Lotus of Rescue khổng lồ teleport the buổi tiệc ngọt past the trash; wait for them khổng lồ respec khổng lồ Fighting Spirit before moving on.

Ahead is a minitrùm, Force Master Detector, and behind hyên is a fire wall. He spawns numerous automatons that pinball around the room, so lure hlặng to lớn one of the gaps on the walls which they can’t reach. In addition to lớn frost attacks, at 70% & 30% health, Detector casts Frost Prison when announcing “We are invincible!” then sumtháng four self-destructing automatons.

After the Detector is down, all the automatons will self-destruct.

Ahead there are numerous steps that are scaled with windwalking. At the top is a lever that spawns a Dragon Pulse for the rest of the party lớn skip the steps.

Iron Juggernaut:


HP: 11,946,000

Enrage: 6:00

CC: 2x


Many of this boss’s attacks closely resemble Ironsides’ from Talus Dungeon và Ironheart from Mushin’s Tower Floor 14.

Targeted swipe, blockable.Two frontal drills with a very small area of effect, inflicts Knockdown, blockable.One of the following:Fires a linear blockable rectangle spray of bullets in front of it inducing Knockbaông chồng & Daze.Fires a long unblockable linear laser in front of it inducing Knockbaông xã and Knockdown.Unblockable area of effect electric pulse inducing Knockback và Knockdown. Can be CC’d.

If Iron Juggernaut is Knocked Down, it will fire a unblockable area of effect electric pulse và get baông xã up, inducing Knockdown.

Iron Juggernaut is stationary; if the tank 5 meters or further away, Iron Juggernaut performs an electric projectile pull. If this succeeds, Iron Juggernaut curls up and slams the ground, producing a field-wide unblockable shockwave.

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Iron Juggernaut is immune khổng lồ Blade Dancer’s và Destroyer’s grabs, but not Kung Fu Master’s & Summoner’s grapples.

Recovery Automatons (75%/35%):

On reaching these HPhường thresholds, a message warns “Recovery Automatons are repairing Iron Juggernaut” & six Recovery Automaton with 2x CC Bars are summoned, three in the corners & three cthua trận to the center, và will be healing Iron Juggernaut.

All-Out Attachồng (70%/30%):

At these HP thresholds, a message warns “Detecting failure, attaông chồng automatons have arrived” and three Attachồng Automaton with 1x CC Bar are summoned cthất bại to lớn Iron Juggernaut, and try khổng lồ jump khổng lồ Iron Juggernaut’s tank if not touched. Kill them immediately; on death, they drop a shield. They will eventually try khổng lồ self-destruct, and if they bởi vì so they won’t drop a shield; use CC lớn stop them from self-destructing.

Once Iron Juggernaut finishes its current attachồng, a message warns “Iron Juggernaut has transformed for an all-out attack” and Iron Juggernaut curls up and becomes immune khổng lồ attacks. It then targets the furthest person và fires three missile volleys that leave sầu flaming puddles.

One or two people needs lớn pick up the shield left behind the Attaông xã Automatons & run toward the doorways. The person leading the missiles must be closer to lớn Iron Juggernaut before the final volley.

Iron Juggernaut re-targets the furthest person & fires three lightning pellets at them. This should be one of the shieldbearers, who must press 1 button to lớn bloông chồng the pellets while heading down the ramp. The block window is 0.8 seconds. Do not use các buổi party iframes or projectile shroud skills, they will prsự kiện the pellets from being blocked. After blocking all the pellets, they must then approach và throw their shield at Iron Juggernaut, dealing 601,260 damage per pellet successfully blocked and stacks the Jolt debuff, 3 stacks will cause Iron Juggernaut khổng lồ collapse và be knocked down for 5 seconds, prematurely ending the mechanic.

If Iron Juggernaut failed to lớn receive sầu enough Jolt stacks, it then re-targets the furthest person and fires two unblockable long-ranged linear laser beams. This will fail to hit if standing right next lớn the door.

Iron Juggernaut then re-targets the furthest person once more and fires three lightning pellets, which once again must be blocked by the second shieldbearer, và then thrown at Iron Juggernaut.

Iron Juggernaut charges energy và slams down three times with pauses in between, producing a field-wide unblockable shockwave. After the shockwaves, Iron Juggernaut will uncurl and can finally be attacked, và can be CC’d while doing so.


Lots of Combat Automatons in the way; watch out for the Guard Automaton siren patrols, who use an electric pull & activates the nearby automaton turrets. Let the Assassin use Lotus of Rescue, however the last two of three siren patrols have sầu True Sight so be careful.

Take the Dragon Pulse khổng lồ the final segment. Here are more siren patrols & automaton turrets, along with lasers that cause stun. Pulling the lever at the kết thúc of this segment despawns the lasers & automatons.

Lord of the Flame:


HP: 43,956,000

Enrage: 8:20

CC: 2x

The Infernal Lord revived with its flame power intact & refitted with a new lightning power; it is much more stronger and faster thanks lớn its newfound strength.

Despite it’s dauntingly high health, the Lord of the Flame is heavily damaged through player buffs và mechanics.


A frontal claw swipe in a cone inflicting Knockbaông chồng, Daze, and Ember.One of the following:A frontal claw swipe in a cone inflicting Knockbaông chồng, Daze, và Ember.A rear 180 degree claw swipe in an arc inflicting Knockback, Daze, & Ember.After 70%, Lord of the Flame throws a 5-second Time Bombs at the first person who attacked it since engaging. These bombs must be lured away from the party as they have sầu a unblockable area of effect explosion inflicting Aerial khổng lồ the carrier & Knockdown lớn others, và Ember to both.Two-hit spin, second hit inflicts Knockbaông xã và Knockdown, and both hits inflict Ember. Can be CC’d.Long-ranged unblockable linear flame breath.

If Knocked Down, Lord of the Flame does a quiông xã get-up unblockable area of effect ground pound.

If the tank stands 9 meters or further away, Lord of the Flame will jump at them, creating an unblockable area of effect slam on landing, inflicting Knockback và Knockdown. If the tank is still too far, it will spit a fireball that leaves a large flaming puddle.

Special Rotation:

Periodically, Lord of the Flame will enter a new rotation in the middle of his standard one, & won’t stop to lớn vị anything else until after this rotation is completed:

Lord of the Flame jumps lớn the furthest person, creating a unblockable area of effect slam on landing, inflicting Knockbaông xã và Knockdown.Lord of the Flame throws three 5-second Time Bombs at the first three people who attacked it since engaging.Lord of the Flame spits fireballs that leave large flaming puddles on the people who carried the Time Bombs in the order of receiving the Time Bombs. Avoid putting these in the middle, & don’t charge in until he is in the spitting animation.Lord of the Flame does a field-wide unblockable area of effect roar inflicting Stun & detonates Ember for massive damage. Comes out very fast, so be prepared to iframe.

Electric Shock (70%/30%):

Lord of the Flame cleanses all debuffs and jumps to lớn the middle, producing an area of effect unblockable slam on landing. A message warns “Lord of the Flame is watching someone” và mark either the farthest person (70%) or the closest (30%).

Right after marking, a message warns “Lord of the Flame is preparing a powerful Electric Shock” and he will shoot an electric stream at the marker, chaining up lớn 1 other nearby player within 3 meters. Getting hit by this grants the “Electric Current” buff for 45 seconds, increasing Attaông chồng nguồn và Critical Damage by 50%, but if the marker does not chia sẻ the stream they will receive two stacks which will deontate the buff for massive sầu damage.

Lord of the Flame will then try to grab the closest person. If successful, and the victyên ổn possesses Electric Current, it will be stolen and permanently given lớn the boss which will increase his damage. However, if the boss receives 2 stacks of Electric Current, it will be damaged by 8% of its max HP.. The grabbed victyên will then be thrown with no damage incurred.

Next, Lord of the Flame will vì four consecutive field-wide ground pounds, each hit causing pushbaông chồng with the last causing knockbaông xã và knockdown. This can be interrupted with 2x CC.

The mark, electric shoông xã, & grab are repeated. The mechanic finally ends with a very fast field-wide unblockable area of effect roar inflicting Stun and detonates Ember for massive sầu damage.


Oath Necklace


The final trùm has a chance to drop the legendary Oath Necklace. Hard Mode also has an extremely rare chance khổng lồ drop the Chest of Desolation which is a tradeable chest containing the Oath Necklace and uses a key from Cold Storage to lớn open.

You can also buy the necklace from Coin Exchange Merchant Junsorei in most towns for 100 Draken Cores, or from Celestial Peach Exchange Merchant Lee Youjin at Celestial Basin for 50 Cores and 8,000 Celestial Peaches.

While wearing the necklace, all attacks have sầu a chance khổng lồ apply the “Bane” debuff for 10 seconds, where anyone attacking the enemy with this debuff gains a 3 second buff increasing Attaông chồng Power by 10.

Forging Orb


This are used lớn tăng cấp lớn Balefu/Seraph from Stage 6 to 7 khổng lồ 8 lớn 9, using one per stage. They can come in a sealed khung which is tradeable.

Stone of Wisdom


This is used in breakthroughs for Draken Accessories, swapping between Dragon/Tiger Bracelet Stage 10, swapping between PvP/PvE Hellion Accessories, & breakthrough for Hellion Accessory Stage 0 when used with a Red Dragon Crux.


Draken Core

The final boss drops a chest containing this thành công. On Normal, the chest contains 1 with a chance for an additional 5; on Hard the chest contains 2 with a chance for an additional 10.

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A Stage 1 Draken accessory can be received by trading in 100 Draken Cores to lớn Coin Exchange Merchant Junsorei in most towns, or 50 Cores & 8,000 Celestial Peaches lớn Celestial Peach Exchange Merchant Lee Youjin at Celestial Basin.

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