Bullseye Là Gì

the circular centre of the object aimed at in games such as darts, or the shot or throw that hits this:

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He does not say that he might have disagreements about union matters, but he arrives abroad and decides to go for the bullseye, which is £30,000 in compensation.
The world consisted of a single-runway airbase and a nearby target range with several bullseye targets.
The pathogen produces distinctive bullseye patterned leaf spots and can also cause stem lesions and fruit rot on tomato and tuber blight on potato.
However, when deeply frightened or upset, she does cry, and she has an unexplained fear of anything resembling a bullseye.
Teams split into equal numbers of players and each team chooses one person to throw closest to the bullseye.
The slow-fire targets have the 810 rings inside the bullseye and the rapid fire targets have only the 9 and 10 rings inside the black.
The bullseye represented an unlimited contract and the players could continue answering as long as they desired.
The term bullseye can mean either the whole central part of the board or just the inner red/black section.

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The adult wore a bullseye on the front of their uniform for this event which later became a double points zone for both teams.
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