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The child was told that the bunny has poor attention and that the bunny might have to be told what had just happened.
Four additional gestures/words (toothbrush, elephant, bunny, drink) were added at session 13 because the children had learned many of the original set.
That is, if children know the meaning of the noun bunny, then white in white bunny must refer to some property of the bunny.
In a modified version of one of the earlier stories, a bunny sets out to complete a puzzle and succeeds in doing so despite his friends" doubts.
I do not know whether one should call chairmen of central banks bunnies, but he is certainly not happy.
There are no women employees in the gaming rooms, no "bunnies", with or without pockets, and no gaming on credit.
There will be one very happy bunny draftsman in view of the compliments that have been paid to the drafting of his provision.
The result is that the public-house produces only beer, that the betting shop produces only betting and that the gambling establishment apparently produces only gambling, and not "bunnies" as well.

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