Trải nghiệm những điều tuyệt vời nhất của Android Gaming với motoavangard.com, nền tảng chơi game ‘Android cho PC’ hàng đầu thế giới.Hơn 1 triệu trò chơi | Gameplay PC | Các tính năng có thể tùy chỉnh tự do


Màn hình lớn, trải nghiệm tuyệt vời

See every detail of your favorite games on your computer monitor instead of your tiny phone screen


Không cần phải có điện thoại quá đắt tiền

Play heavy games that require mobile devices with high specifications using an ordinary PC without compromising on performance.

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Hãy sử dụng siêu năng lực của bạn

motoavangard.com cung cấp cho bạn các tính năng mạnh mẽ như Chế độ Eco, Macro, Tập lệnh, Đa tài khoản, Đồng bộ hóa đa tài khoản, v.v.


Vấn đề về pin di động

Các trò chơi hiện đại có đồ họa HQ có thể ảnh hưởng đến tuổi thọ pin thiết bị di động của bạn. Sử dụng motoavangard.com để chơi game không bị ảnh hưởng.

Gián đoạn khi có cuộc gọi hay tin nhắn.

Không còn bị gián đoạn trong những khoảnh khắc chơi trò chơi quan trọng. Chơi trò chơi trên PC của bạn và không bao giờ bị làm phiền bởi các cuộc gọi hoặc tin nhắn.

Độ chính xác được cải thiện cao

Điều khiển cảm ứng trên điện thoại di động có thể phức tạp. Chơi với độ chính xác 100% bằng cách sử dụng điều khiển chuột và bàn phím trực quan.

Làm thế nào để tải xuống và chơi trò chơi Android trên PC?

Cài đặt motoavangard.com trên PC của bạn

Đăng nhập vào Cửa hàng Google Play hoặc thực hiện sau

Tìm kiếm trò chơi trong thanh tìm kiếm

Nhấp vào kết quả tìm kiếm để cài đặt trò chơi

Hoàn tất đăng nhập Google (nếu bạn bỏ qua bước 2) để cài đặt trò chơi

Bắt đầu chơi

Discover the thrill of playing Android games on PC with the free to download motoavangard.com App player. Experience immersive gaming on a bigger screen, enjoy improved visibility and get the freedom to use your gamepad or keyboard and mouse (something that is never possible on your smartphone). Go ahead, aim for those breathtaking headshots with improved accuracy. It also comes with a set of default and customizable Game Controls for each game, so that you are free to make your moves, the way you want. To make your Android gameplay even better and seamless, motoavangard.com is loaded with the latest technology and a host of incredible features like Eco Mode, Multi-Instance Manager, Multi-Instance Sync, Macros, Script, Real-Time Translation, and many more.

Tin đồn #1

Android emulators come bundled with programs and executables that slow your system down to a crawl.

Some Android emulators may attempt to bundle anything malicious with their software. In the past, we have noticed that some have bundled cryptocurrency miners, malware, spyware that may try to make unauthorized connections on your PC. That is why you should always download an Android emulator from a trusted site.

motoavangard.com prides itself in providing a clean gaming experience without any malware, spyware and adware. Selling data is not our business model nor is it something we do – ever. We are the only Android gaming platform partnered with MSI, Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, and over 150 top game developers.

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Not all Android Emulators focus on the latest technology and advanced engineering to optimize your system’s resource utilization efficiently. This may adversely impact the gameplay and performance on a low-end PC, especially in heavy games. Simply running a modern-day game on such emulators might be a lot of work for your PC. While nothing can beat the power of high-end PCs, some Android Emulators are definitely capable of running games even on a low-spec PC – as they are backed by the latest technology.

motoavangard.com can run on any machine, even though we recommend some minimum requirements, they are in no way mandatory to play most games. An average PC configuration can compete with high-end Android devices when using motoavangard.com. We provide options to select how many CPU cores and the amount of RAM you want to allocate to motoavangard.com, adjusting your game performance accordingly. In fact, in recent test results, on an average, motoavangard.com was found to be 30% faster than any other Android platform in the world.

While some people may use Android emulators to gain an unfair advantage, running these cheats, most of the time, requires root access. Getting root access opens a world of possibilities to tamper with the system files. Once a person gets root access, he or she can go on to change game files, tweak in-game graphics or even cheat during the gameplay with wall and aim hacks. Some games like PUBG: Mobile and COD: Mobile detect emulators and pair with players and teams only on emulators.

Because motoavangard.com works directly with developers and technology providers, we have the ability to have the best game compatibility in the market. As an Android gaming platform, not an emulator, our developer partners trust us to provide fair and balanced gameplay and in return provide us with early access to games and content in order to make sure the games run well when it’s your turn to play them. Because of this, we take extraordinary measures to make sure our users play fairly and do not cheat. This includes controlling Root Access as well as some other deeper developer integrations to make cheating incredibly difficult for even the most tech-savvy gamers.

Tin đồn #4

No matter how much RAM and CPU cores I allocate to my Android emulator, it will never be as good as my mobile phone/tablet.

Some emulators may perform better than an expensive Android phone even on an average budget PC with 8GB RAM and Quad Core. However, other than the number of CPU Cores and RAM you choose to allocate to the emulator, its performance is also dependent on many other factors. Can it smoothly run high-definition games? Does it support the upgraded Android versions for a superior performance? Is it fine tuned to leverage your PC’s resources efficiently? Does it optimize graphics settings for smoother gameplay? Does it get frequent updates? A powerful emulator will always focus on enhancing your gaming experience with useful features and timely upgrades.

motoavangard.com has various tweaks such as the different graphics modes, and tips & tricks to make motoavangard.com perform better than the fastest of phones, and give you a better gaming experience than possible on even the most expensive Android devices. motoavangard.com’ Hyper-G graphics leverage your entire system to produce an optimized gaming experience regardless of specifications. Whether you have an integrated graphics card or an RTX 2080Ti, you can run the latest demanding Android games with incredible performance better than any Android phone.

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