I recently installed Age of Empires 3 on my newlaptop. Every time that i try khổng lồ run the program though a box pops up that says the game is not compatible with the version of windows that i have sầu on my computer. I have sầu tried adjusting my computers settings in program compatability assistant but it does not help. Any suggestions?

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Hi Sauron,

Thank you for posting your query in motoavangard.com Community.

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From the issue description, I understvà that you are having issues with running Age of Empires game. I will definitely help you with this issue.

1) Have sầu you made any changes on the computer prior to lớn this issue?

Method 1: I would suggest you to lớn follow the steps from the link and check if it helps.

trò chơi crashes or closes unexpectedly


Method 2: Let’s try these steps and kiểm tra whether it helps in fixing your issue.

Try installing the game in vista compatibility mode and verify if it works. To vì so, follow the steps below:

1. Right click on the program ibé and select properties.

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2. Now cliông chồng on the compatibility tab.

3. Under compatibility mode kiểm tra “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.

4. From the drop down thực đơn, select Windows Vista.

Refer this link for more information:

Make older programs run in this version of Windows


Method 3: If the above step fails uninstall và reinstall Age of empire and kiểm tra if the issue occurs. Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Uninstall Age of empire 3 from programs và features. Follow the steps in the link:


Step 2: After step1 install Age of empire 3 and check if the issue occurs.

If the issue still persists you tương tác age of empires tư vấn for further assistance:

http://tư vấn.motoavangard.com.com/gp/games-for-windows


For reference:


Hope this helps. Try the above sầu steps & get bachồng khổng lồ us for further assistance và with requested details, if the issue is not resolved.