Chew Là Gì

bite off more than one can chew

take responsibility for more than one can

bite off more than one can chew|bite|chew

v. phr., informal To try to do more than you can; be too confident of your ability. He bit off more than he could chew when he agreed to edit the paper alone. He started to repair his car himself, but realized that he had bitten off more than he could chew.

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bite off more than you can chew

begin more tasks than you can complete When I took the night class, I bit off more than I could chew.


to be of poor quality, displeasing

chew him out

lecture him, scold him, give him hell (see give you hell) My sister chewed me out for taking her car. She gave me hell.

Chew on a bone

If someone is chewing on a bone, he or she is thinking about something intently.

chew out

chew out Scold harshly, as in Dad will chew you out for taking the car without permission. Originating in the military, this slangy term began to be used during World War I and soon spread to civilian life. Several vulgar versions, such as chew someone"s ass out, should be avoided in polite speech. Also see eat out, def. 2.

chew out|chew

v., slang To scold roughly. The boy"s father chewed him out for staying up late. The coach chews out lazy players. Synonym: BAWL OUT, CALL ON THE CARPET, HAUL OVER THE COALS.

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chew sb out

Idiom(s): chew someone out AND eat someone outTheme: SCOLDINGto scold someone; to bawl someone out thoroughly. (Informal. Used much in the military.)• The sergeant chewed the corporal out; then the corporal chewed the private out.• The boss is always chewing out somebody.• The coach ate out the entire football team because of their poor playing.

Chew someone out

Verbally scold someone.

Chew the cud

If you chew the cud, you think carefully about something.

chew the fat

chat We stayed up very late last night chewing the fat about our university days.

chew the fat/ chew the rag

talk, visit, have a chin wag I"ll go and get the wine while you two relax and chew the fat.

chew the rag

Idiom(s): chew the fat AND chew the rag
Theme: COMMUNICATION - VERBAL to have a chat with someone; to talk very informally with one"s close friends. (Informal.)• Hi, old buddy! Come in and let"s chew the fat.• They usually just sat around and chewed the rag. They never did get much done.

chew the rag|chew|rag

v. phr., slang To talk together in an idle, friendly fashion; chat. We used to meet after work, and chew the fat over coffee and doughnuts. The old man would chew the rag for hours with anyone who would join him.

chew the scenery|chew|scenery

v. phr., slang To act overemotionally in a situation where it is inappropriate; to engage in histrionics. I don"t know if Joe was sincere about our house, but he sure chewed up the scenery!


a joint sprinkled with cocaine

Saskatchewan pheasant

magpie, black and white bird Two Saskatchewan pheasants flew out of the bush.
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