Claw là gì

one of the two pointed parts, used for holding things, at the over of the legs of some insects and sea creatures:

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A claw is also the curved, movable part at the over of the leg of some insects & sea animals, such as crabs and lobsters:
She was always an excellent student, and she has clawed her way up khổng lồ being a highly successful ngân hàng executive.
Effects of supplementing pregnant heifers with methionine or melatonin on the anatomy & other characteristics of their lateral hind claws.
Tissue sample blocks (approx. 6r5r4 mm) were taken from four pigmented and four non-pigmented claws.
Small field motion detection in goldfish of the goldfish and the clawed toad tadpole under photopic conditions.
The primus burned badly, candles went out, matches would not strike - the men lunged for the entrance và clawed an opening.
He hopes that by the time he is ready lớn demonstrate it to lớn the military the lobster will have two claws which it can use as bump sensors.
Measurement of the thickness of the corium and subcutaneous tissue of the hind claws of dairy cattle by ultrasound.
The small numbers in the present study preclude general conclusions about generic differences between claws of beef & dairy origin.
They cried out, shrilling cries, pulsing sharper than birds of prey - eagles, vultures with hooked claws - when farmers plunder their nest of young too young to fly.
The whole of a compensation payment can be clawed bachồng, và individuals can feel that they have taken on a case for nothing.
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To accomplish this, he brought aboard two claw hammers, two sledge hammers và a speargun concealed inside a guitar case.
A variety of tracks and claw marks have sầu been discovered which are claimed lớn belong to the creature.
The mast supports fore-sails that may consist of a single jib multiple staysails, or a crab claw sail.





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