The Force Master (aka FM) is a ranged class that excels in dealing strong, continuous damage while offering moderate amounts of crowd control & utility. Using bangles lớn cast elemental projectiles, FMs effectively function as Mobile "gunners" by relying on movement & positioning in order to kite around their enemies without compromising DPS. Within the lore of Blade và Soul, FMs epitomize the nature of duality, owing lớn their distinct fire and ice stances; which they use for damage & defense/utility, respectively. To walk the path of a Force Master, one must be wary of using the two stances together, lest they should accidentally cast the wrong spell at the wrong moment. In choosing a FM, you will find versatility và great damage potential, making you both an excellent party member & a capable solo player.

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Compared lớn other classes, especially melee characters, Force Masters have sầu a rather modest learning curve sầu. Their fire attacks follow a fairly simple and straightforward pattern while their ice abilities only come into lớn play when the situation calls for it. Although FMs can render themselves virtually immune khổng lồ ranged attacks, they lachồng a repeatable block/counter at lower levels. Thus, most FMs prefer to lớn outmaneuver their enemies either by freezing them in place or using a well-timed dodge lớn re-position themselves. Overall, FMs are typically considered to have an intermediate difficulty level of gameplay.


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This class can be played as three races: the Yun, the Gon, và the Lyn. The Jin are the only race unable to choose Force Master as a class.

Resource Mechanic

Force Masters use a resource called Focus lớn use their skills, represented by a series of circles beneath the HP bar. A Force Master has 10 units of Focus khổng lồ spend. These will recover over time or by using certain skills that refill one"s Focus.


Force Masters have sầu two stances depending on what skills they use: Fire Mode or Frost Mode. Each stance has its own minor benefit lớn being in it, as well as skills that they can only use while in one or the other. For example, using Blazing Palm will switch you khổng lồ Fire Mode, thus allowing you access to lớn skills such as Blazing Wall & Short Fuse. Stances last ten seconds & are refreshed by using a skill that places you in a stance. The benefits are as follows:

Fire Mode
: Automatically apply a stachồng of Ember to lớn any enemy that delivers a critical hit to lớn you.Frost Mode: Automatically gain a five second buff that increases Defense by 10%. Using any Frost Mode skill will apply the buff again (including the skill that brought the Force Master into Frost Mode).


Later, Force Masters will need to lớn familiarize themselves with the concept of Orbits. After gaining the Fire Fury and Frost Fury skills, the Force Master has a chance lớn generate Fire Orbits and Frost Orbits, which manifest as small, glowing red or blue orbs that float around the character. Each can be stacked up to three times & grant bonus effects to the character.

Fire Fury & Frost Fury are activated by scoring a critical hit with a Fire Mode or Frost Mode skill, respectively. Upon successfully landing a hit with either, it will generate the appropriate Orbit. Later on, other skills and upgrades for skills also generate Orbits.

Each Orbit lasts 30 seconds upon activation, và the timer is rephối when you staông chồng another one. For example, if you have sầu 12 seconds left on a Frost Orbit, you can staông chồng it again khổng lồ go baông chồng khổng lồ 30 seconds (with double the beneficial effects). However, once three Orbits of one element are stacked, you cannot reset the timer even by using Fire Fury or Frost Fury again, & thus must let it run out.

You can have both elements active sầu at once for a max of simultaneous three Fire Orbits and three Frost Orbits. Benefits:

Fire Orbit: When hit, inflicts 3%/6%/10% damage and 1 Ember on enemy.Frost Orbit: Recovers 1/2/3 Focus on hit. At 3 stacks, inflicts Chill on enemy when hit.


The following danh sách is incomplete.

SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
Blazing Palm
Shoots a bolt of fire at the targeted enemy from a distance.

This ability stacks the Ember effect debuff on the enemy target, which you can staông xã up to five times. Ember lasts for 10 seconds, and its timer is reset each time you reapply the effect. These stacks can essentially be consumed by other skills such as Impact and Short Fuse to lớn increase the damage those skills do.

Stance Change: Changes to Fire Mode


Stage 1: Detonates on five Ember stacks. Secret: Creates one Flame Orbit on critical hits.Stage 2: Does additional damage lớn Burning enemies và stacks more Ember on them.Stage 3: Bounces between enemies within 8 meters and absorbs some damage dealternative text as HP. Secret: Recovers 5 Focus per enemy hit.
10-116mTargetInstantInstantDuring Dash, Jump, or Glide skillsNo
Fires three bolts that giảm giá khuyến mãi damage to a targeted enemy.
SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
Frost Palm
Shoots an ice bolt at the targeted enemy from a distance.

This ability stacks the Chill effect debuff on the enemy target, which slows their movement speed for ten seconds. If you stachồng the Chill debuff three times, the stacks are removed và the enemy is afflicted with the Frozen status. You can staông chồng two additional Chill debuffs after that.

Stance Change: Changes khổng lồ Frost Mode


Stage 1: Additional damage and increased Chill duration. Secret: Chill pierces Defense.Stage 2: Generates Frost Orbit on critical hit, doesn"t increase Threat. Secret: Always critical hit Frozen enemies.
SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
10Centered on Caster2x10mInstantInstantYes
This skill deals direct damage to an area in front of you and has additional effects based on stacking debuffs already placed on the target.

For reach Ember stack on the target, this ability deals an additional flat amount of Explosion damage. After this is added, it does additional Flame damage based on how many Ember stacks are on the target past the first: 75% additional for 2 stacks, 100% additional for 3, 125% for 4, and 1một nửa for 5. This is despite the tooltip claiming it does 75% additional damage.

If the enemy is currently in the Frozen state, Impact will knoông xã them baông xã five sầu meters and stun them for one second. It then removes the Freeze state from the enemy. Using Impact in this way giao dịch about five times the damage it normally would.

Both the additional damage from Ember stacks and the knockback/stun from the Frozen debuff can happen at the same time if the enemy has both.


Stage 1: Synergy with Frozen enemies (Focus recovery & HP.. absorption), short bloông xã khổng lồ ranged attacks with Focus gains on bloông xã. Secret: Counters as well as blocks, does knockbaông chồng on countered enemies.Stage 2: Synergy with Ember stacks (Burn and explosion on 5), larger attaông chồng area. Secret: Additional damage.Stage 3, Stage 4: See Force Blast.
Bolt Bash
4-13mTargetInstant5sec.During Phantom GripNo
Deals a large amount of damage to a Phantom Gripped enemy. If the enemy is currently airborne, this doesn"t cost any Focus.

Bolt Bash giao dịch more damage the more Ember stacks the enemy has. (need more details: how? does it remove sầu Ember stacks?)

SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
1-5Centered on Caster2x10mInstantInstantYes
Deals Flame damage in a rectangular area in front of you. Any enemies hit by it are given an Ember staông chồng.

The skill also pierces Parry. If the enemy is currently afflicted with the Burning status, Dragonchar đơn hàng over double the Flame damage it normally would.

If an ally is in the area you use this skill on, cold-related status effects such as Chill và Freeze will be removed from them. (Unconfirmed: does it still khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage lớn allies?)

Stance Change: Changes lớn Fire Mode


Stage 1: Costs 2 less Focus, additional damage, wider range, additional Flame damage on CCed enemies. Mastery: Much more damage & boosts on additional usage.Stage 2: (18sec cooldown) Costs 2 less Focus, Dazes & knocks baông chồng enemies. Volume 1: Pierces Defense instead of Parry.Stage 3: See Blazing Beam.Stage 4: See Ice Rain.
Blazing Beam
Dragonchar Tier 2-216mTargetInstantInstantYes (Dragonchar)
Deals Flame damage to lớn a target at range, afflicting them with 1 Ember staông xã. If the enemy is currently Burning, it giao dịch a significant amount more Flame damage.

Upon upgrading, it will staông chồng 2 Ember instead of 1 on a Burning enemy. The Mastery upgrade makes it so Blazing Beam generates a Flame Orbit upon dealing a critical hit.

Stance Change: Changes to lớn Fire Mode

Ice Rain
Dragonchar Tier 2-116mTargetInstantInstantYes (Dragonchar)
Deals Cold damage lớn a target at range. If you use it consecutively, it grows more powerful. (Unconfirmed: does it get faster lượt thích Sunder does?)

Upon upgrading, Ice Rain will giảm giá khuyến mãi over twice the normal Cold damage if the target is currently within range of Cold Snap. The Mastery nâng cấp makes Ice Rain recover 1 Focus on use while enemies are affected by Cold Snap.

Stance Change: Changes lớn Fire Mode

Phantom Push
403mTargetInstant5sec.During Phantom Grip onlyNo
Inflicts damage to lớn a Phantom Gripped enemy, knocks them back 15 meters, & knocks them down for 2 seconds.
SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
4+2Centered on Caster2x10mInstant24secYes
Deals Cold damage in a rectangular area in front of you. Any enemies hit by it are Frozen for five seconds.

If an ally is in the area you use this skill on, heat-related status effects such as Ember & Burn will be removed from them. (Unconfirmed: does it still khuyến mãi damage to lớn allies?)

Upon upgrading, Dragonwhorl (& its other forms) will always generate a Frost Orbit on hit.

Stance Change: Changes khổng lồ Frost Mode


Stage 1: Absorbs all damage as HP và recovers Focus for each enemy hit, wider area. Undiscovered: Healing over time on critical hits.Stage 2: See Frost Nova.Stage 3: See Glacial Beam.
SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
Phantom Grip
Pulls a target in from a range và paralyzes them in the air in front of you for 4 seconds. It đơn hàng initial damage on use & more damage over time. The damage pierces the enemy"s Defense.


Stage 1: Longer range và duration for longer cooldown, decreases Phantom Gripped enemy"s Defense. Secret: Prevents enemies from using defense skills during Phantom Grip-related techniques.Stage 2: Target a knocked-out ally khổng lồ pull enemies, decreases Chi Recovery time needed for knocked-out allies. Secret: Creates a shield around allies using Chi Recovery.Stage 3: See Shadow Grasp, Chi Bomb.Stage 4: See Shadow Grasp, Multiple BLaser.

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SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
54pxBlazing Wall8-12m5x2mInstant30sec.During Fire Mode onlyYes
Creates a fire wall on the ground that lasts five sầu seconds & damages any enemy that steps into lớn it.

If the enemy is farther away than 5 meters, Blazing Wall materializes two meters ahead of you; otherwise it comes right up on the enemy"s current position. Using it during Phantom Grip puts it on top of the enemy as well.

Upon upgrading, Blazing Wall will staông chồng Ember on every hit.


Stage 1: Detonates Ember stacks at 5, does additional damage on Phantom Gripped enemies.Stage 2: See Meteor Shower.
54pxFrost Prison10-116mTarget1.5sec.30sec.During Frost Mode onlyYes
A 1.5 second channel skill that afflicts a targeted enemy with Frost Prison. While affected by Frost Prison, the enemy cannot take any action, but they cannot be damaged. Lasts 8 seconds.

Frost Prison costs no Focus upon upgrading.


Stage 1: Chills after Frost Prison ends, affects area around target as well for longer cooldown.Stage 2: See Frost Sheath.
SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
54pxShort Fuse10-316mTargetInstant18sec.During Fire Mode onlyYes
Deals damage over time to a targeted enemy for five seconds. At the end of this 5 seconds, it will explode all Ember stacks và remove sầu them from the target, regardless of whether they still had more time remaining. The more stacks are applied, the more damage it will vì.

Upon upgrading, you"ll stachồng an extra Ember if you lvà a critical hit on an enemy with Short Fuse on them.


Stage 1: Sacrifices the 5-second Ember explosion for double damage applied instantly, inflicting Deep Wound, recovering Focus over time, creating a Flame Orbit on hit, và being able to detonate it with Flame Reap instead. Undiscovered: Resets its own cooldown on critical hits.Stage 2: Applies in an AOE around the targeted enemy and stacks extra Ember when detonated. Undiscovered: Can use 3 consecutive sầu times, but not on the same enemy, for a longer cooldown.
54pxInferno-316mTarget2.5sec.24sec.During Fire Mode onlyYes
Deals a large amount of damage and inflicts Burn.

Upon upgrading, costs 2 Focus instead of 3.


Stage 1: Lower cooldown, creates three Flame Orbits on hit, doesn"t increase Threat. Volume 2: Casts instantly without using Focus after getting a critical hit.Stage 2: Instant cast for less base damage & additional damage per Ember stachồng & attaông xã tốc độ. Deals more extra if enemy is Stunned or Dazed. Secret: Always critical hits Stunned or Dazed enemies.Stage 3: Deals half the damage, but lớn all enemies nearby (??), piercing Defense and stacking 5 Ember instantly, for a longer cooldown. Volume 2: Deals damage over time khổng lồ enemies nearby instead of flat damage.
54pxSnowball24016mTargetInstant36sec.During Frost Mode onlyYes
Deals Cold damage khổng lồ an enemy from a distance. Upon upgrading, Snowball"s cooldown goes down khổng lồ 30 seconds.


Stage 1: Does nearly twice the Cold damage lớn Frozen enemies, creates a Frost Orbit on hit, pierces Parry. Undiscovered: Cooldown resets on critical hits.Stage 2: Halves damage in exchange for higher ranged attachồng speed, canceling the opponent"s defensive skills, Freezing them, và making the skills unavailable for a while. Undiscovered: Dazes enemy.Stage 3: See Frost Tornavì chưng.
54pxFrost TornadoSnowball Stage 3016m8mInstant30sec.During Frost Mode onlyYes (Snowball)
Deals Cold damage lớn an enemy from a distance và chains lớn hit up lớn three enemies. Frost Tornavị will pierce enemies" Parry.

When your first attack hits, target will be unable lớn use all Attachồng và Defense skills for four seconds.


Recovers 3 Focus when the attaông xã hits any enemy. Undiscovered: Chains lớn hit up lớn five enemies instead of three.
SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
54pxIce Coil22+316m5mInstant30sec.During Frost Mode onlyYes
Deals Cold damage khổng lồ an enemy and an area around it. Upon upgrading, this skill đơn hàng additional damage to Frozen enemies.


Stage 1: Additional damage & Chill for 6 seconds.Stage 2: See Frost Burst.Stage 3: See Cold Snap.
SkillLevelFocusRangeAreaCast TimeCooldownPrerequisitesTrainable
54pxFire Fury016mTargetInstantInstantDuring Fire Mode only, upon critical Fire Mode skillYes
Fires five bolts of fire at the enemy, piercing Parry & generating one Flame Orbit.

When upgraded, does more damage, stacks Ember on each hit, and deals bonus damage to Burning enemies. Undiscovered: On Critical 5 uses can be used again.

54pxFrost Fury016mTargetInstantInstantDuring Frost Mode only, upon critical Frost Mode skillYes
Fires five bolts of ice at the enemy, recovering Focus on each hit & generating one Ice Orbit.


Stage 1: Deals bonus damage to lớn Frozen enemies and recovers additional Focus on critical hits. Undiscovered: Always critical hits Frozen enemies.Stage 2: Inflicts Chill which pierces Defense. Undiscovered: Deals 10% Focus damage on each hit.Stage 3: Absorbs damage as HP., doubling on critical hits. Undiscovered: Decreases incoming damage by một nửa while using the skill.

Skill Usage Tree

This danh sách is to lớn make it easier khổng lồ visualize the general skill thiết lập of Force Masters.

Blazing Palm (LMB), Dragonchar (2) Blazing Wall (V), Short Fuse (C), Fire Fury (F, upon critical hit)Frost Palm (RMB), Dragonwhorl (3) Frost Prison (V), Frost Fury (F, upon critical hit)Phantom Grip (4)Bolt Bash (1), Phantom Push (2), Blackout (3), Blazing Wall (V)while Dashing, Gliding, or JumpingBarrage (LMB)

PvPhường. Combos


T = Tier. S = Stage. T1S1 means Tier 1, Stage 1 of a skill. is the default hotkey of a skill. means left mouse button or left cliông xã. means right mouse button or right cliông chồng.

Basic Combos:

1. 4 Second Stun Combo - Fire Version<3> T3S3 Artic Blast -> -> -> Blaze Palm -> -> -> <1> -> -> -> <1>2. 4 Second Stun Combo: Ice Version<3> T3S3 Artic Blast -> -> -> Glacial Palm -> -> -> <1> -> -> -> <1>3. Aerial Combo - Tab Version or -> -> -> 4. Aerial Combo - Z Version<2 Chill> -> T2C2 Rising Flame -> <4> Phantom Grip -> <4> Drain OR <1> Flick -> -> <1>5. Stun Phantom Grip Combo<2 Chill> -> <4> Phantom Grip -> <4> Drain OR <1> Fliông chồng -> -> <1>6. SS Stun Phantom Grip Combo<4> Phantom Grip -> -> <4> Drain OR <1> Flichồng -> -> <1>7. Meteor Grip Combo T2C2 Firewall -> -> -> <4> Phantom Grip8. Firewall Grip Combo<4> Phantom Grip -> or lớn change to lớn fire stance, then

Advanced Combos:

Combining these basic combos can create an advance full bộ. The most common advanced bộ combo is the Double Aerial Combo.

Double Aerial Combo<4 Second Stun Combo> -> -> -> -> <4> Aerial Grip -> -> <1> Flichồng -> -> -> -> -> ->



The following screenshots were taken from the character creation screen at NA launch in 2016.