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My name is Nagisa Yuki. U might"ve sầu seen me stream BNS PVPhường. or maybe have sầu seen me at Worlds in team HOB. I"m a Gunslinger main. I also play a lot more other classes. I was gonna vị a stream; i still will, but it will be later today. Here are some important và helpfull combo"s. Ofcourse there is way much more lớn Gunslinger PVPhường but i will soon explain this more detailed on stream. With this guide and more lớn come soon. I hope more people will try Gunslinger PVP!

NOTE: i play with around 60ms so combo"s for shadow with rmbx3 will not work for you with high ms. In this case u can leave sầu out 1 rmb. And for Fire build instead of 2 rmbs in air for 6v6 u can do V > 1 rmb và then extover the aerialArena:some people die before i finish the full bộ so the clips aren"t 100% accurateYou use this bộ combo as soon as u catch someone without TAB escape. For example after tech chasing và no TAB escape available. can use this one anytime as long as they dont tab escape fast enough, it depends on you how fast u exedễ thương it and depends on their reaction. This is probably the strongest & most broken aerial, because with or without TAB escape u can kill people in 1 aerial with this combo! The thing is u need a lot of setup for this so it doesn"t happen really often. Unless the opponent gives u the chance khổng lồ vì it. full bộ with skystone not that hard so won"t make a detailed picture of it. 3 (Stun) > Immediately start pressing RMB in skystone because it extends ur time in air if u bởi it to lớn late u will stay in air và not aerial hlặng > press C as soon as u see urself dropping down > continue with normal aerial combo for Fire spec, DISABLE BULLETSTORM AND FIREFALL. Fire just got an INSANE dmg buff. Which DOUBLES unload"s dmg up till 12k crits. U play this against Blade Dancer và Destroyer.

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So this is the "Wallbang gunner build" i play this sometimes for fun.

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Disable these:

Here"s a clip of it in action against my good friover Zay LMAO: people die before i finish the combo so the clips aren"t 100% accurate

Shadow: 23113 spec

As it says this is a full combo u don"t always have to bởi vì all of it.




These 2 combo"s are the 2 most used air combo"s so learn these! both very similar.2 V C air combo clip:

Ricochet air bộ combo clip:


Soulshield wise u have sầu 2 options. Either 8 IA/ET/TT Or 5 PVPhường 3 IA/ET/TT.  

For the 8 ET build this gives medium/high geared gunners a lot more dmg but a lot less HP. this is more of a glasscannon build. I would only recommover this if you are very comfortable with surviving as gunner. 8 ET gives me the ability khổng lồ kill people without my soul up or sometimes even without my badge/bracelet if my soul is up. I recommover 5 PVPhường. & 3 ET/TT for less experienced gunners for more survival.


Long or short soul? I prefer to play short soul. This way u can have sầu more of a constant pressure instead of trying khổng lồ persize when ur long soul is up. 

I think long soul is viable for either maxed gear gunners or either very low geared gunners. Reasoning for this. Maxed geared gunner will kill u in 1 air no matter what the difference in soul is not gonmãng cầu change that and u might even have more impact With long soul cuz of the chance khổng lồ one shot people on the ground lượt thích spinner classes. For low geared even if u have short soul u’re not gonmãng cầu have much of an impact lượt thích that. So better for you khổng lồ have sầu long soul và maybe kill 1 or 2 people a minute than barely killing someone with short soul.


That"s all for now. Again these are just the important basic combo"s. I will do a more in depth of things on stream and probably upload to lớn Youtube aswell. Here"s the links again Even if you"re not a gunner main, but u maybe have sầu an alternative text gunner i"d love sầu to lớn see people try it in arena. U can always DM me on discord for questions.


Nagisa Yuki#2806Since the laông chồng of stream VODs khổng lồ look at here is an educational VOD from an old stream against a lot of different classes. I suggest watching it và most importantly analyze it và really see what i"m doing and try to lớn copy it.