Dubbed Là Gì

to give something or someone a particular name, especially describing what you think of it, him, or her:

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to give a man the rank of knight, an honour given by a British king or queen, in a special ceremony that involves touching his shoulders with a sword:
to change the sounds and speech on a film or television programme, especially to a different language:
a style of music or poetry connected with reggae in which the main part of the tune is removed and various special effects are added
to give something or someone a particular name, esp. describing what you think of that person or thing:
to use different voices, sounds, or images in a movie, television program, recording, etc., to replace others made originally or as added parts:
Once the first 12 consecutive, multiword utterances were identified for each of the participants, the children"s samples were dubbed onto an audiotape in random order.
A narrator"s voice was then dubbed over the scenes, describing the actions of the puppets and asking the questions.
Innovative practices of re-composition were central to a number of black electronic musics, including dub, toasting, scratching, rap, hip hop and their derivatives.

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The evidentialist, as we may dub him, claims that the magnitude and distribution of evil provides a prima facie reason for the rejection of theism.
An analysis of the techniques of " " scratching " " and " " dubbing " " also gives new insights into previously discussed topics.
I therefore dubbed the item "spurious" (that is, lacking authenticity in origin) and turned to other data to evaluate the matter.
A method of obtaining all kinds of noise, while reducing the somewhat boring static behaviour of the pure noise types, is dubbed atomic noise.
The set of all such interactions carried out by proteins encoded in a genome has been dubbed the interactome.