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find/look for/seek employment If you are unemployed but you are actively seeking employment, you may qualify for benefits.
take up/gain/secure employment Almost half of the participants gained employment after completing the training program.
provide/create/generate employment These attractions provide employment for local people và create business for local shops and cafes.
employment opportunities/prospects Many rural workers have moved to lớn the cities khổng lồ seek better employment opportunities & improved living conditions.
employment agreement/contract Under the terms of her employment contract she is entitled to lớn five sầu weeks paid vacation per year.
employment rises/falls Glasgow had economic growth above sầu the UK average & employment rising faster than anywhere outside London.
employment rates/levels/growth The state reported employment growth of 3.1% during the past year, with the creation of 438,000 non-farm jobs.

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employment data/figures/records The dollar plunged against the lỗi, despite Friday"s strong employment figures.
boost/increase employment Politicians hope khổng lồ boost employment by introducing a new tax credit for employers.
An employee must have sầu been in continuous employment for two years lớn be eligible for a redundancy payment.
Less well-paid proto-industrial employments, namely, wool- và cottonspinning, substituted for silk-gauze-weaving, cotton-spinning employing exactly half of all women in the age category 40 & above.
The majority of such employments involved day labour and lower-skilled crafts, like those of tailoring & shoemaking.
If these two employments of practical reason were our only recourse, we would find ourselves in constant turmoil & would be forced in the most difficult circumstances khổng lồ selfdestruct.
You go down the scale to raw materials affecting all manner of employments which are not themselves classified as munition work.
Does it take inlớn tài khoản the traditional connection between some employments and the members of one or another religious persuasion?
He gave sầu striking reasons in pointing out that in certain skilled employments apprentices of an earlier age were not taken.
Therefore, they will know, once they leave sầu their civil employments or student courses, that they are going in for a fixed và definite period.
We have not been told that there will be an offer here of four alternative sầu employments before the compulsion takes effect.
In return a reduction, commonly called "the rebate", is made to the national insurance contributions for contracted-out employments.
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Collecting and investing this rental income, besides freeing excess inputs, could generate alternative sầu employment alongside a profitable fishing industry.
A serving officer is not normally allowed to take up civilian employment before he has been officially released from military service.
The objection lớn the requirement that all employees join a union as a condition of employment was thus represented as a violation of a fundamental right.
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