Exile là gì

the condition of someone being sent or kept away from their own country, village, etc., especially for political reasons:

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Although exiles used numerous strategies - from demonstrations to lớn publications - to remind the world of their case, their influence remains a matter of discussion.
Many monks và exiles have sầu become somewhat critical of over-achieving monks mingling with foreigners và spending more time away abroad than in the community.
Exiled intellectuals are a useful testing g round because their status as exiles called into question their professional, social và national identity.
The arrivals of fugitives, refugees or exiles in the border cities were carefully registered & included in periodical reports.
Architects rightly feared that books of stoông chồng plans lượt thích this would become the basis for builders" homes, thus exiling the architect from the housing market.
The author used the testimony of 227 survivors as well as recollections of his own 11 years of labour camps & exiles.
Second, as already mentioned, historical retìm kiếm on exiles started only after the political revolution intended by the exiles had taken place.
Interest in the continent is almost exclusively focused on exiles và migrants, rather than on diplomatic developments.
Ironically, although exiles themselves the nuns were in a svào position to assist the royadanh sách cause.
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Các từ hay được thực hiện cùng với exile.

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Yiddish, deemed a symbol of a miserable past in a forced exile, was neither prestigious nor desirable.
In most clerical quarters, a demeaning internal exile under a hostile regime had not readily given rise lớn such utilitarian ecclesiological thinking.
Then there were the long years in political exile which soon followed, & his return khổng lồ power in 1958.





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