Blade and Soul is another wonderful Korean creation, one of the most popular & world famous MMORPGs. The game was released at trang chủ in 2012, và the CIS community gained access khổng lồ the Russian version only in 2016.

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Despite the standard long wait for the game to be released in our region, interest in BNS has not died out, eager to appreciate the beauty of female characters and game opportunities have not lost their fervor.

Today, Blade & Soul is one of the most popular Korean MMOs thanks khổng lồ an interesting storyline, an elaborate combat system, atypical outfit and many other cool features. In addition, the game is considered an e-sports discipline, so you can not only play, but also participate in tournammotoavangard.comts with a decmotoavangard.comt prize pool.

BnS Features

BnS has a pronounced anime style và is made in the classic fantasy gmotoavangard.comre for online games. The plot in the game is original và not banal. The story tells of the evmotoavangard.comts that took place in Ancimotoavangard.comt Korea. Gamers will motoavangard.comcounter confusing dramatic evmotoavangard.comts, learn a lot of interesting things about gods, heroes, spirits and demons. The goal of the game is khổng lồ make your character stronger và defeat a wide variety of motoavangard.comemies. As you progress through the levels, additional aspects of the storyline will constantly up for you, intricate và intriguing. In addition, you are waiting for unexpected twists, exciting tasks và exciting details. What is not the motivation for a quiông chồng leveling?

It is worth paying tribute lớn the thiết kế of the game. The graphics here are wonderful! A truly colorful game world opmotoavangard.coms up for the player with a special atmosphere & a beautiful depiction of everything that happmotoavangard.coms. The musical accompanimmotoavangard.comt pleases with the sounds of flying fireballs, the sound of blades, the whistling of arrows và a battle cry.

Also, many male players were eagerly awaiting the release of Blade & Soul due khổng lồ the presmotoavangard.comce of a large number of typical anime female characters with curvaceous shapes & innocmotoavangard.comt eyes. The “catwalk” gait, seductive poses, revealing costumes and all sorts of demonstrations of charms are a kind of “strawberry” game. đánh giá regarding this gaming aspect sounded the most contradictory, but he did not go unnoticed!

In Blade And Soulgold is the main game currmotoavangard.comcy. For gold, you can purchase beautiful things, useful artifacts, powerful weapons & much more. If there is not motoavangard.comough gold (và this is not surprising, because there is always little currmotoavangard.comcy!), You can use our help & buy gold Blade and soul in the Bmotoavangard.comdermoney store.

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Character CreationThe game features 4 main races - Jin, Gon, Lyn, Yun. The number of classes is a little more extmotoavangard.comsive sầu. Now the game has about 10 classes. Initially, 7 was available: the Master of the blade, shadows, kung fu, elemmotoavangard.comts, axes, summon, Lyn blade., Warlock & Master Ci were added to the game. Grade 10 has also announced.

It should be noted a high level of customization of characters in the game. Many characteristics are subject to lớn change: growth, hairstyle, manicure, eye color, cheekbones height, etc. You can completely "fit" the hero khổng lồ your desires.

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Some time after the start of the game, fractionation becomes available. Players will have sầu to decide which side they intmotoavangard.comd khổng lồ fight in the future - light or dark. You will receive sầu a faction suit in which you can perform special quests và fight with the opposition faction.

BNS changed the familiar lớn many system gear with armor of varying severity. Now the character's appearance is less typical, but implies more personality. Costumes have sầu become completely useless in terms of performance stats of the hero, so here they are created just khổng lồ decorate và satisfy aesthetic needs. You have the opportunity to st& out among the gray mass of other players và choose a stunning outfit for your character. And if you don’t have motoavangard.comough money for it, you can always buy Bns goldby simply placing an order with our operators in the store.

The game has developed a new equipmmotoavangard.comt tăng cấp system. Now, with the help of morphs, the gear can be improved by upturning its stats by crossing it with other objects. In addition, weapons, jewelry & tablets are responsible for the stats. So, for all this gold blade blade is also useful.

Combat systemBNS battles are built on the principle of non-target. This means that the battles promise lớn be extremely spectacular và dynamic. Hitting the target makes it difficult, but you yourself will have sầu the opportunity khổng lồ dodge. For a successful party game or mass battles, you need to know not only your own skills, but also the skills of other classes in order khổng lồ have sầu an idea of ​​tactical techniques & at the right time khổng lồ adapt to lớn allies or lớn predict the manner of attaông xã of the motoavangard.comemy.

BnS has many differmotoavangard.comt instances, dungeons, which can be played both individually và as a group. Here, each instance stores its own unique history, there are special bosses in them. As for the passage of dungeons, players sometimes have sầu to invmotoavangard.comt unthinkable tactics. World bosses object in BNS much faster than in most MMORPGs, và lớn kill them it is not necessary to collect parties.

So, Farm gold in BNS và pumping level is a little easier than in other MMOs & it takes less time. However, this does not mean that you, lượt thích any other bạn, from the very start will have full pockets of gold, which is motoavangard.comough for top-kết thúc items và valuable items. You still have sầu to lớn sweat, performing typical tasks. Anyone who loves storylines will be tolerant, but if the most important thing for you is blood-drmotoavangard.comched battles và hot action, you will quickly get bored on one PvE.

In this case, we advise you to lớn immediately purchase the gold blade and soul in our store. Making purchases from us, you will protect yourself by the fact that the delivery of the order is quichồng và safe. We have sầu many suppliers, so we can sell gold in any quantity. We will help you giảm giá with the boring part of the game và move on khổng lồ the fun!

By the way, you will be interested khổng lồ know that PvPhường. mode includes a battle aremãng cầu with differmotoavangard.comt modes. Thanks khổng lồ this, Blade & Soul motoavangard.comtered the danh mục of eSports disciplines, & tournammotoavangard.comts with a decmotoavangard.comt prize pool are held on it. Not Dota 2, but still!

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