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For 186 individuals, mainly high-up lianas mingled with the canopy foliage, sampling was not possible because no foliage was obtainable.
I think that some high-up person in politics actually said that he regarded the modern age as the most civilised age we have ever had.
It is, therefore, a pleasure for me lớn come inkhổng lồ tương tác with another high-up thành viên of a trade union.
How wise he was to lớn say that we, the railwaymen, & even the high-up railwaymen, are still human beings with distinctly individual preferences at times.
One conclusion that the study made was that he must have been a pretty high-up member in that society because the burial was very elaborate.
The other objections, which are all concentrated round the words "singled out ", are that some of the high-ups were not called.
There has been a good khuyễn mãi giảm giá of criticism among muốn people in my constituency about the way in which visits by high-ups to the works have sầu been conducted in recent times.
In any country, military high-ups would resist such vast reforms, so prejudicial to their own status & to what they have always believed, preached and worked for.

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