Grilled Là Gì

the surface in a cooker that can be heated khổng lồ very high temperatures and under which you put food lớn be cooked

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Our old people are very vulnerable khổng lồ attacks because they cannot afford khổng lồ install security lighting, extra-strong doors or window grills.
Improved external doors, grills và locks were also fitted, and security pillars were installed to lớn monitor and control access inkhổng lồ the building.
If that nhận xét leads khổng lồ increased protection, and, better grills, safes and screens for the smaller post office, that is all well and good.
There are many hotels which have sầu restaurants, grills và bars which open on to lớn the streets và are intended khổng lồ serve residents of the town.
I am pleased lớn report that the sale of steaks for grilling & frying has almost resumed the cấp độ that existed before the crisis started.
They were trying to benefit from some of the warm air coming through the grills from the underground station after it had been closed.
The problem will always be one of maintenance, & the problem of the blocking of vents, grills, air bricks and of eliminating draughts will be with us for many years.
However, if, as in the mid-1960s và early 1970s, asbestos has been used for lining such things as heater cupboards or outlet grills, the dangers are greater.
Garnishes vary but usually include chopped onion, cilantro, various salsas, grilled green onions, và lime wedges.
Fish are also eaten baked, with or without vegetables, or fried whole or in slices, or grilled over coals, và served with different sauces.

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