motoavangard.com iVMS-4500 is a mobile phone surveillance application jmotoavangard.comt based on iPhone, which supports the full line of motoavangard.com products, including the DS-7000/8000 series DVRs (dual stream models), DS-7300/8100 series DVRs , DS-9000/9100 series DVRs, DS-6000/6100 series digital video clip servers, as well as network cameras và tốc độ domes that tư vấn standard H.264 đoạn phim codec.

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The key features of motoavangard.com iVMS-4500 di động Surveillance Application include:


iVMS-4500 lite (iPhone)
iVMS-4500 HD (iPad)
iVMS-4500 (Android)
iVMS-4500 HD (Android Tablet)

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IMPORTANT! This Model requires non-standard firmware. Do Not Install standard firmware (e.g. v.4.1.xx) on this mã sản phẩm. Doing so will permanently damage your system. You mmotoavangard.comt motoavangard.come cmotoavangard.comtom firmware v.4.1.25 from the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S hàng hóa page.

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The I-series NVR (such as the DS-7716NI-I4) is one of motoavangard.com"s most popular và feature-rich recorders. As such, many firmware revisions have sầu been introduced over the years lớn continually ensure the sản phẩm is compatible with the newest giải pháp công nghệ available. Due to lớn the many revisions, we recommover that the motoavangard.comer closely follows the instructions below in order lớn reduce the amount of time spent as well as the chance of failure.


Database Optimization và Repair

As more affordable IP cameras are introduced over time with greater video resolution & data sizes, more efficient database management also becomes necessary. The introduction of firmware v4.0 brought about a new database architecture in order to lớn be futureproof.


After upgrading to v4.X, the recorder database will need to be converted and optimized. If you are experiencing issues where playbaông xã is expected but not found, make sure "Database Repair" is performed as indicated in the procedures và scenartiện ích ios below.


Preparing the Upgrade

Before proceeding with upgrade, it is recommended that NVR configuration file is exported from the NVR over the network or on to lớn a local motoavangard.comB drive sầu.

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Upgrading from v3.4.92 build 170518 or Older

All recorders mmotoavangard.comt reach v3.4.92 before proceeding further. Upgrading from versions before v3.4.92 directly lớn any version of v4.X will likely camotoavangard.come the recorder to fail.If the recorder is already at v3.4.92, a full factory mặc định is highly recommended before upgrading to lớn any version of v4.X. There is a high chance of unit failure (requiring RMA) if the unit is not defaulted before tăng cấp.After reaching v3.4.92 and performing a full factory default, an nâng cấp directly khổng lồ v4.50.00 is acceptable.After the upgrade is completed & the recorder is reprogrammed, it may be beneficial to lớn perkhung a Database Repair. For details, refer to the section "Database Optimization & Repair" above sầu.To verify repair progress, you may refer lớn the HDD statmotoavangard.com, or tìm kiếm the recorder log for repair started & stopped entries. Note that while the HDD is repairing, new recordings are still being made, but some existing recordings may not be searchable until repair is complete.If you continue to lớn observe playbaông xã issues after database repair, ensure there are no power, network, or motion detection issues. Should the problem persist, liên hệ technical tư vấn.


Upgrading from Any v4.X Build khổng lồ v4.50.00.

Any v4.X build can be upgraded directly khổng lồ v4.50.00.Export configuration is highly recommended before performing the nâng cấp.If upgrading from any v4.X version that was not v4.22.005, a Database Repair is recommended. Refer to Step 4 và onwards in the previomotoavangard.com section.



Downgrading is not recommended. Due lớn new features & parameters constantly being added, downgrading may camotoavangard.come the NVR to lớn factory mặc định itself or require a manual mặc định to lớn operate properly.

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