Kuro Mujou (previously Hell Agent Black) – 鬼使黑
Seiyu (Voice Actor)Kazuya Nakai

Stat Rating

AttackHPDefenseSpeedCritical %

Max Stat

AttackHPDefenseSpeedCritical %
Evolution MaterialWind Talisman (Mid)x16Wind Talisman (High)x8Lightning Drum (Mid)x16Lightning Drum (High)x8
Evolution AbilityAttachồng +10%


Example: Shadow x4 + Crit % x2;Attribute Focus: Speed/attack/crit %


The most popular Soul used for Kuro Mujou would be the Shadow Soul. Coupling with various factors such as critical damage, attaông xã buffs, defense reduction on enemies, hitting a triple or quadruple damage is definitely possible!

Another way of building hlặng would be using the Watcher Soul. This would balance out his weakness when enemies have sầu


User Rating
7.7 User Rating (33 votes)
OG Rating
6.5 OG Rating


Cost0 Orb
DescriptionST 100% attaông xã damage
Level upLv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 +10% damage

Cost0 Orb
DescriptionImmediate gets to act again upon killing an enemy
Level upNot Upgradable

Death Sentence
Cost3 Orb
DescriptionAOE 106% damage; +50% damage for enemies >40% HP.. & -50% damage for enemies

Sample Team

In Arena PvPs, you often see players using the Ushi no Toki with a Shadow Soul on her. This is because her active skill can utilize the Soul effect on the Ushi no Toki, & as such you will gain two Shadow Soul bonuses. Furthermore, her puppet could be debuffed with defense reduction. This means that when you linked a target with a debuffed & you hit the doll with Kuro Mujou’s , in addition to the initial damage dealt khổng lồ the target (A), the damage dealt on the doll (B) is also added to lớn that initial damage (A). I believe sầu I don’t have sầu khổng lồ show the calculations khổng lồ illustrate the insanity of the damage.

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When the enemy reaches Aremãng cầu PvP:

1. Kamaitachi, Yamausagi, Ushi no Toki, Zashiki/Kaguya, Kuro Mujou

Having Kamaitađưa ra & Yamausagi functioning as dual pull units will ensure that you have sầu the first chance of attaông xã. However, that is assuming that your Kamaitabỏ ra & Yamausagi have sầu higher speed compared to your opponent.Having linked a target with Ushi no Toki’s , if your Kuro Mujou is strong enough the target usually dies while others are severely crippled. With his ability, if you have sầu extra Orb you could perkhung another but its damage would not be as high since they are now most likely lower than 60% HP..A disadvantage of this build is that it is prone to crowd control build or enemies who use the Mirror Lady Soul (reflecting damage).

2. Kamaitachi/Yamausagi, Ushi no Toki, Zashiki, Kuro Mujou, Ebisu

This build is similar to the above sầu build, but it has more support with Ebisu who can regenerate Orb at times và heal with his Fish Flag.Disadvantage of the build wouldA disadvantage of the build would be Dual kích hoạt Bar Pull teams which can devastate your team’s lineup in an instant. The key is to have high enough defense và hp lớn survival the first wave sầu of attacks.We cannot use Ushi no Toki with Ebisu since there is only one spot for summoned units. Straw Doll and Fish Flag cannot exist at the same time.Soul Dungeon:

Kuro Mujou is rarely used in the Orochi Soul dungeons as he is essentially useless when Hydra (Orochi) has less than 60% HPhường. However, a well-equipped one can still persize fairly well if you can keep the battle short.


Summon, Shards (Guild, Detháng Parade, Encounter)


Chapter 16 – quái nhân Hangan has 1;Soul – Stage Four has 1;Extra Chapter “Hell Agent in training” – quái dị Kuro has 1; Encounter – Kuro Mujou has 3;Secret of the Evil Blade – Stage Seven has 1;

Shikigami Comparison

Ibara Douji – To make an insanely svào Ibara Douji, you need to have a good mix of the Shadow Soul achieving max Critical Rate while having Critical Damage Increase on Soul Pos 6. With similar Soul used on Kuro Mujou, he can giảm giá khuyến mãi insane damage as well but probably less. The weakness for Ibara Douji is that when attacking enemies linked by Shuzu, he has hard time finishing an enemy off. Therefore, it is hard for hlặng to unleash his splash damage from killing a target. Kuro Mujou would not have this issue.

Aoandon – There are many builds revolving around Blue Latern, but one of the more common ones is using the Shadow Soul. Her skills revolving around absorbing Orb from the enemy. Hence, with a good Shadow Soul she can be a good DPS while making the enemies unable lớn fight effectively. Damage wise Hell Agent black would be better.

Jorogumo, Momiji, Karasu Tengốc – If you are really down on luông xã getting an Ubume or Kuro Mujou, you can choose to lớn use these Shikigamis temporarily as they provide decent AOE DPS with the Shadow Soul.

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When it comes to lớn the first DPS to lớn train khổng lồ 5-star or 6-star, Kuro Mujou is the best option apart from Ubume. Ubume is harder to obtain whereas you can get Hel Agent Blaông xã by getting shards from clearing his Raid.

His special skill is a single hit AOE attaông chồng, which đơn hàng 50% additional damage on enemies with >40% HPhường but một nửa less damage on enemies with 70% HP, this means that Kuro Mujou can giảm giá khuyến mãi almost twice the damage when the enemies have sầu >70% HP!!

His passive skill grants him an additional turn when he successfully kills a target, and this is highly possible especially when he giao dịch insane damage at the start of the battle.

Kuro Mujou is a great SR Shikigangươi to train to lớn a high cấp độ, as it performs so well clearing the mobs. Some things lớn note for the Shikigangươi are:

When it is in the Aulớn mode, he will not use his when the enemies have sầu HPhường below 40%. This may be a bit of a hassle when the active sầu skill still does more damage than a single target normal attachồng.

For hlặng to be effective sầu in Soul dungeons, he needs to have sầu higher speed compared lớn the other DPS Shikigamis. His base speed is rather low as compared lớn other DPS Shikigamis và hence you need some speed on his Souls. If not, both his skill và the Shadow Soul would not be performing at full potential.

Because it is a single hit attaông xã, Seimei’s shield skill can ward off his attack completely. This goes for all Shikigami’s with a single hit attack.

He can bởi insane damage in the beginning of a battle, but if he cannot kill his enemies with one hit, his damage would be extremely low after (with the lakiểm tra nâng cấp, he is much better with a threshold at 40% instead of 60%). This would be solved with using the Watcher Soul but his initial outburst would suffer a great hit. Another way would be having the Ushi no Toki khổng lồ offer one Shadow Soul bonus & attempt to lớn one-hit kill everything.