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the freedom khổng lồ break rules or principles, or to change facts, esp. when producing literature or works of art:
license sb lớn vì sth The government is now prepared to license companies khổng lồ award their own degrees.
to give someone permission lớn make, produce, or use something that you have sầu created or that belongs lớn you:
license sth to lớn sb It would create an opportunity for type designers khổng lồ license fonts lớn specific websites.
to lớn get permission khổng lồ make, produce, or use something that has been created by or belongs to lớn another person or company, usually by paying for it:
The existence of such ties makes the concepts & their manipulations understood, thereby licensing their epistemic & other uses.
The transgressions that representation licenses are predicated on the representational - that is, figurative sầu - nature of those transgressions.
There is greater tolerance for diversity in creative writing as license is given for literary purposes.
This attitude of ours is a khung of "scientism" we think licensed by the track record of the scientific disciplines và institutions.
Music can be licensed under creative sầu commons,8 meaning that the artists can determine how và for what purposes their music can be used.
For that matter, even commercial planes, which could easily be converted khổng lồ military use or were evidently intended for military use, required export licenses.
Since the number is also specified in the output of the lexical rule, plural inflectional affixes cannot be combined with stems licensed by (47).
Having non-head status at some level of prosodic structure compromises a position"s ability to license melodic material.
Similarly, in languages where n-words normally need to be licensed, they can sometimes appear in adjoined contexts, but fail lớn appear in conjoined contexts.
The number of obligatory arguments licensed by the verb indicates the level of complexity of a verb.
It will also include a special category of liquor license for music và entertainment venues separate from hotel licenses.
This motivates scalar construal which systematically limits the licensing potential of polarity triggers.
The loss of agreement clitics naturally means that pro is no longer licensed in posthead argument position.




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