Pro evolution soccer 2016

Konamày has announced the launch of the free-to-play version of Pro Evolution Soccer năm 2016, which can now be downloaded exclusively on PSN. This không tính phí version allows you lớn play friendly matches with seven teams, including Bayern Munich, Juventus, Roma, Brazil and France. Players can also enjoy the complete training mode, but the big draw of this free-to-play version is myClub.

This mode, which is the Konami"s response to FIFA"s Ultimate Team Mode, is unlocked in full & allows players to lớn create their favourite team, either with real money, or with points earned playing. This free-to-play version will be updated in the same way as the full version of PES năm nhâm thìn. Below you can watch a special video Konangươi just launched for myClub.

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"It"s even more troublesome to be overly negative once you get playing, because as per usual, Pro Evolution Soccer offers up supremely playable digital football."

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