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The bonds we size. The battles we face. See what it means to fight & win as a United States Marine.Bạn sẽ xem: Semper fi là gì

The belonging share is more than mere togetherness. It’s a collective sầu fight for a comtháng purpose.

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For a people. A place. An idea. Protecting its interest and guarding its ideals, our Nation is our purpose.

All possess unmistakable qualities. And face undeniable realities. Delve sầu deeper inkhổng lồ what truly makes a Marine, a Marine.

The values we instill are not only adopted—they’re lived. And you will find them infused in the DNA of every Marine.

There are requirements of becoming a Marine. And realities of being one. Beyond all the training, see the other side of life in the Corps.

Explore the numerous ways make their impacts felt in the fight for our Nation và its iđơn hàng.

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You don’t join the You become one. Learn what first steps are required to lớn mix out on this path of purpose.

Before it"s determined whether the Marine Corps is right for you—or if you are right for the Marine Corps—learn what the process of becoming a Marine entails.

The Marine Corps takes care of its own, providing with the skills, education, và financial security to lớn win in battle & in life.



Life In the Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is more than a career path. It is a life path. The day one becomes a Marine brings purpose lớn every day that follows.

Becoming a Marine

Finding purpose và your place in a comtháng cause. What you truly long for is discovered by fighting for it. This is where the battle begins.

Operation Moshtarak: Female Engagement teams in Afghanistan

In order to lớn gain the intelligence needed khổng lồ defeat opposing forces, must earn the trust of the local communities. assigned khổng lồ Female Engagement Teams describe the different cultures they interact with & why as women they are in the chất lượng position to establish a special rapport & sense of trust with communities abroad.