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Here, however, courts were really authorizing the expenditure of public monies for the creation and preservation of parks, rather than the beautification of the skyline.
Prior to lớn this research, several mathematical models for the skyline shape of the tower had been published.
They became increasingly concerned with their view outward toward the city"s skyline, & with limiting the view of neighbours inward.
Their proposed sites are located spontaneously, adversely altering the human scale of the city"s skyline.
Along with the cathedral, these buildings were the most prominent and their steeples came to lớn dominate the skyline.
Mining activities have significantly altered the landscape, the skyline is dominated by smokestacks và buildings towering over the stark area where silver và lead had been extracted.
Everywhere a new spirit is alive—a new confidence, with factories humming, new businesses starting up, busy cranes dotting the skyline.
It is for planning authorities khổng lồ evolve detailed policies for high buildings, including skyline control, which must depend on local circumstances.

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There are those who say that a mast 15 m in height is too tall, & makes too big an impact on the skyline.
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