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smile /smail/ danh từ nụ cười; vẻ mặt tươi cườito give a faint smile: cười nửa miệngface wreathed in smiles: mặt tươi cười nội động từ mỉm cười, cười tủm tỉm; cườito smile sweetly: cười dịu dàngto smile cynically: cười dịu dàngto smile away cười để xua tanto smile someone"s anger away: cười cho ai hết giậnto smile on (upon) mỉm cười với; mỉm cười ra ý tán thành, mỉm cười đồng ý, mỉm cười động viênfortune smiles on (upon) him: hắn gặp vận mayto come up smiling lại tiếp tục đương đầu với những khó khăn mới, lại tiếp tục một keo mớito smile somebody into doing something cười để khiến ai làm việc gì
Lĩnh vực: xây dựngmỉm cười


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Từ điển Collocation

smile noun

ADJ. bright, broad, wide | faint, thin, wan, weak | beatific, cheerful, dazzling, happy, radiant, sunny, warm the warm smile in his eyes | charming, gentle, sweet, winning | arch, disarming, enigmatic, mocking, rueful, sardonic, wry She gave a wry smile. | sad | shy | apologetic, sheepish | encouraging, indulgent, reassuring | polite | beguiling | ready | fixed, forced | supercilious | conspiratorial, knowing | grim a grim smile of satisfaction | humourless, mirthless She suppressed a mirthless smile. | crooked, lopsided | toothless

QUANT. glimmer, hint, trace A trace of a smile played across her lips.

VERB + SMILE have, wear She had a happy smile on her face. | flash (sb), give sb, smile He flashed her a disarming smile. She smiled a smile of dry amusement. | manage She managed a weak smile. | return She returned his smile. | hide, repress, suppress They had to hide their smiles. | forced Her father forced a smile. | bring Her antics brought a smile to my face. | crease into His face creased into a smile.

SMILE + VERB fade, freeze, vanish Her sunny smile vanished as she read the letter. | cross sth, flicker across sth, play across sth A faint smile flickered across her face. | tug at the corner of the mouth A wry smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. | grow, spread (across/over sth) Her smile grew radiant. A gentle smile spread over her face.

PREP. with a ~ ‘Oh, hello, ’ he said, with a smile. | ~ of a smile of approval

PHRASES be all smiles Twelve hours later she was all smiles again. | be wreathed in smiles His face was wreathed in smiles. | wipe the smile off sb"s face I"m going to wipe that smile off your face (= make you stop thinking this is funny).

Từ điển WordNet



change one"s facial expression by spreading the lips, often to signal pleasureexpress with a smile

She smiled her thanks

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

smiles|smiled|smilingsyn.: beam chuckle grin laugh smirkant.: frown