Succumb là gì

The town finally succumbed last week after being pounded with heavy artillery for more than two months.

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lớn chiến bại the determination khổng lồ oppose something, or khổng lồ give up và accept something that you first opposed:
The intuition is that healthier workers have sầu greater productivity, since workers are more able khổng lồ work diligently, for longer hours, without succumbing to lớn debilitation.
The church itself, the most characteristic of all medieval institutions, also succumbed to this decline, and in some instances, became a partner of national government.
Older people are characterised by the different elements of anti-ageing science as having lost their good looks, succumbed to lớn disease, become overwhelmed by senility, & as surrendering khổng lồ death.
She serves khổng lồ promote consumption, not khổng lồ partake of it; rather than succumbing to lớn the cap-buying frenzy, she continues lớn go about "more shabby than ever" (169; ch. 12).
While this choice may eliminate fear of vertigo, it sometimes leaves the author open to lớn the charge of succumbing to lớn the occasionally dubious authority of her primary and secondary sources.
108 societal bonds of house organizations were unable to lớn endure the pressures of political catastrophe, và ultimately the houses succumbed to burdens placed on the broader systems of politicoeconomic organization.

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We were not able lớn determine whether certain variables protected some children from later harm while other families succumbed to dynamic stressors or laông chồng of resources.
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