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a small piece of cloth that is used to lớn show customers an example of the colour và type of cloth available for curtains, furniture, etc.:
They requested that the brother give them a swatch of his clothing so that they could carry out the cure.
These interviews suggest that it may not be just isolated incidents involving suffering which are kept out of awareness but large swatches of personal history, many dealing with loss.
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Successful social politics are those that cover "broad swatches of the citizenry" và whose benefits are viewed "as honourable for all citizens khổng lồ receive" (p. 32).
It considered a swatch of reports which suggested that there were aspects of the drug that bore examination.
I know that this is a very complicated-looking swatch of print, but the matter at issue is simple, although the content may be complex.
However, despite all that push & action, there remains a huge gap between the enthusiasm of the protagonists và the reluctant behaviour of large swatches of manufacturing.
When a planning application comes in, the register is compared to the application rather like a swatch of curtain material against a paint sample and—hey presto—the greenfield site is saved.
Each participant was presented with a total of trăng tròn color swatches one at a time & had khổng lồ rate the color on 10 different emotions.
The further a display device deviates from these standards, the less accurate these swatches will be.
Designs of the fine-cut hooking genre use more fine shading accomplished by overdyeing wool in gradated color swatches.
Next she demonstrated the construction of the stitches by the creation of swatches that readers would make lớn practice.
Each theme can contain up to 26 quality color swatches, each of which consists of a header bar, content body toàn thân, và button states.
His people & animals in compositions are often impressionistic swatches, yet his formal portraits are done with the care and skill of a near master.


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