Should I write “that being said” (vs. “that's been said” or “Having said that”)? (4 answers)

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I want khổng lồ know the meanings of these phrases Having said that & That being said, the difference between them, và in which context I can use both of them.

According lớn my first understanding of these expressions, I think they are equivalent khổng lồ the phrase "Considering what was said before" or in "reference khổng lồ what has already been said". I am not sure of the meaning, but hope lớn find its exact meaning.


They are both well-understood idioms, mostly used in a context in which you are about to state a paradox, or contradiction, e.g.:

John failed all his A levels. But having said that he is highly literate in matters of IT và has found a well paid job immediately.

Engl& are underdogs for their opening World Cup fixture against Italy. That being said it is not unknown for the Italians to lớn thua an opening match against ranked outsiders, such as when they were beaten by Irel& in New York in 1994.

Both of them mean, và could easily be replaced with "Notwithstanding that..."


They are pretty literal. Having said that is usually followed by a clause with the speaker of that as the subject.

"Having said that, I think ..." OR "Having said that, he sat down again..."

"That being said" doesn"t have sầu any implications on who said it.

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Should I write “that being said” (vs. “that's been said” or “Having said that”)?

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