Trndsttr meaning and definition

Hope you all had a great THON weekend! We are officially one week away from spring break! Wooo!


You know, looking bachồng at all of my blog posts- I’m really surprised that I have sầu never discussed this song on my blog. It’s one of my favorites, and is what started my weekly music sessions with my friends Emily (one thành viên of the brown sugar & ginger duo) & Jonathan Bees (yes, Bees) since I’ve sầu been at Penn State. Emily also wrote a blog post about this early last semester- kiểm tra it out.

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The song is TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix) by Blaông chồng Coast featuring Maggie:

I honestly have no idea how I discovered this tuy vậy, and I don’t regret finding it one bit. The song is by Blaông chồng Coast, a Thành Phố New York based artist/producer Stan Rapoport. Blaông xã Coast is a totally underground alternative sầu roông xã b& making waves in the New York music scene. The song, TRNDSTTR is wonderfully remixed by Lucian, a house DJ from Switzerlvà. Lucian has won many accolades over the course of his career.

What is there khổng lồ say about TRNDSTTR? It’s a laidbaông chồng, chilled out remix with a somewhat ominous meaning. You know, remixes can often be a hit or miss, but this may be by far one of the best remixes of a tuy vậy I have sầu ever heard (shall I bring bachồng the God Save the Queen dubstep rephối again?)


Blaông xã Coast và Maggie

The tuy vậy starts out slow as Maggie sings:

Hey, youCan I learn your flavour?It’s brand newNow it’s in the papersAll I seem to seeMust be something underneath.”

This along with the slow & steady beat creates a mysterious aura about whoever Maggie is singing about. The tuy nhiên gradually builds up, và then the beat drops. Now when I say the beat drops, THE BEAT DROPS. It’s not your normal, generic EDM song that you hear constantly on the radio. The drop is unusual and one of a kind which makes this tuy nhiên so unique.

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The tuy vậy continues on with a couple of more verses, & another one of those unique beat drops, và there you have sầu it- a tuy nhiên that I am hopelessly addicted to for the foreseeable future.

So, if you ever see me walking around campus with my headphones in, just know that I am 100% likely lớn be listening to this lovely creation of a tuy vậy.