Định Nghĩa Virtual Network Computing (Vnc) Là Gì?

VNC is a term familiar lớn people who regularly use computers at work. So what is VNC? This is a technical công nghệ used to lớn cốt truyện the remote screen interface, helping users to control their computer screen even while on business trips or traveling via the internet. Let’s learn about VNC through the article below.

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What is VNC?

What is VNC? This is the acronym for Virtual Network Computing. This is a familiar computer term referring khổng lồ a technical công nghệ used for remote desktop sharing. VNC will help users lớn display the screen of their computer at trang chủ / company right on other computers through the network connection.

VNC is used khổng lồ monitor và control other computers remotely over a network connection

VNC is also known as a virtual computer network, it is used on the computer khổng lồ observe sầu and control other computers remotely over the network connection.

How VNC works?

The VNC code is open source and built on the Remote Framebuffer (RFB) protocol, using a client-server Model where the user installs a local computer & connects remotely to lớn another computer. . VNC Allows the server to lớn update the framebuffer for remote computers, và the user can perkhung commands such as: pressing a key or a mouse cliông xã as well as performing corresponding operations on the VPS.

VNC is platkhung independent, so it can be used on all operating systems và graphical interfaces. To use VNC, computers và devices must both be connected to TCPhường / IP and have sầu open ports allowing traffic from IP addresses on the necessary devices.

Operation mã sản phẩm of VNC

In short, the VNC mã sản phẩm is as follows:

You have sầu a personal computer that has VNC installed as the hệ thống that you want khổng lồ control.The client only needs to run VNC Viewer (no installation required).

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Subjects of using VNC

The current, VNC Used a lot at work, especially those who frequently move, work far away or both travel và work. Accordingly, many businesses let employees use remote computers when they are not working at the office. With VNC, they can access the company’s data computer without having to lớn bring the computer they are using at the company with them. In addition, VNC is also selected for universal use for remote technical support. Accordingly, technicians can use VNC to lớn tóm tắt their computer screen for colleagues khổng lồ support và participate in the work when needed.

VNC applications are used quite commonly

The advantages and disadvantages of VNC

VNC is an application used a lot in work. They have sầu their own advantages và disadvantages.


VNC helps connect remote computers, creating favorable conditions for users lớn handle work when not sitting at the office and traveling, working in conjunction with working.VNC helps connect with computers và smart devices.


VNC operates on the strength / weakness of the network connection.VNC applications are heavy, requiring large bandwidth to lớn work effectively.VNC makes the operation of the user slow or unstable when working from the further away from the VPS.VNC is not highly secure.

For added security, you can use a service VPN comes with a device that you want to lớn secure information about such as IP address, files shared in the VNC network. The VPN helps encrypt those files, and Hide your IP. address By connecting khổng lồ another server anywhere, that VPS will give sầu you a different IP. address that does not affect your network connection.

Hopefully, through the above sầu article, you will understvà what VNC is so that it can be applied more effectively in your work when you go away. Currently there are many VNC software to lớn tư vấn users such as: UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC . Hope you will choose a software lượt thích that.