How to fix xigncode error on fifa online 4

When opening FIFA Online 4 Closed beta, many people encountered Xigncode errors, making the game experience a lot of problems.

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FIFA Online 4 Closed beta has released gamers for you to lớn tải về and experience first. However, many people reflected in the installation process as well as logging in the game encountered some errors, typically Xigncode errors.

This error does not appear on the FIFA Online 4 Closed beta version that has appeared on FIFA Online 3. When this error occurs, the screen will appear Xigncode system enter error code: e0010001, and login to lớn the game will be interrupted. Xigncode is a software that scans all programs and applications installed on your computer khổng lồ make sure your computer is eligible for game installation. Some antivitus programs also cause Xigncode software errors. The following article will show you how to lớn fix Xigncode errors on the FO4 Closed beta

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Instructions for fixing Xigncode errors on FIFA Online 4

Before fixing the error, please re-scan the computer using antivirut programs, clean up the system with CCleaner or Clean Master. Next turn off all system security software.

Step 1:

First of all, please tải về the rar Xigncode file according lớn the liên kết below & extract it with the software on the computer.

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https://www.fmô tả.vn/file/5TE7JTBROSQZ


Step 2:

Next turn off the Garemãng cầu software on your computer, then find the Xigncode folder (32837 / xigncode / .) and then delete all the files in this folder.


Step 3:

Copy the extracted Xigncode files at the first step into the Xigncode thư mục on your computer.

Currently, FIFA Online 4 Closed beta is only a limited thử nghiệm, so it is inevitable that there is an installation or login error. But in return, the graphics on FIFA Online 4 are rated very impressive sầu & greatly improved compared khổng lồ the FO3.

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